Top 5 European Countries for Remote Work without Breaking the Bank


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Choosing a direction for remote work is always associated with some difficulties. This article will focus on the best directions in Europe for digital nomads.

When choosing a country, we will base it on whether the locals are satisfied with their lives and how much money is needed to live and work in another country for some time.

It’s worth noting that digital nomads are people whose work is portable, and they only need a new country to live in for a certain period. Many professions fall into this category, and the community of people willing to lead such a “nomadic” lifestyle is continuously growing.

A significant factor in choosing a country for remote work is the level of comfort and quality of life, ideally not worse than what you’re accustomed to.

Tech Report specialists compiled an informative list of the best European countries with the highest quality of life.


The average monthly income in Italy is less than 2745 euros ($2900). To feel comfortable, you should earn this amount or more. With this income, you’ll live better than many Italians, considering the high unemployment rate in this country.

Italy, Tuscany
Italy, Tuscany

Moving to Italy provides a comfortable climate, access to the world’s cultural treasures, picturesque streets, and excellent cuisine. Most regions in Italy are considered safe, and moving around the country is convenient and won’t pose significant problems.


Cyprus is a beautiful island in the Mediterranean Sea and has long been a trend among digital nomads.

Cyprus, Ayia Napa
Cyprus, Ayia Napa

It’s one of the safest countries in Europe and easy to move to considering programs for digital nomads or visa-free entry. Cyprus boasts a high quality of life. To live comfortably, earning 2260 euros ($2387) per month is sufficient.

Notable pluses include the climate with over 300 sunny days a year, numerous attractions, Mediterranean cuisine, excellent wine, and a relaxed atmosphere. Cyprus is one of the best beach destinations in the region.


A higher income is required for a comfortable life in France. It’s the most visited country globally, and the number of people striving to enter France speaks for itself.

France, Village
France, Village

The monthly income threshold for a comfortable life should be at the level of 3335 euros ($3523). France is believed to strike an excellent balance between work and life, highly valuing life’s pleasures after work. Although there have been recent safety issues in some regions, small towns are peaceful and delightful.


Austria is considered one of the most beautiful countries in Europe, with the Alps, mountain lakes, an incredibly diverse range of attractions throughout the year, Christmas markets, and Vienna’s architecture!

Austria, Wien
Austria, Wien

Austria is conveniently situated among beautiful countries and places, making traveling throughout Europe easy and inexpensive. The country is safe, and the local standard of living is relatively high. Therefore, the same can be expected if you come here as a digital nomad for remote work. Austria is quite accessible. A monthly income of 2530 euros ($2674) will allow for comfortable living.


Slovenia isn’t commonly associated with the direction considered for relocation and remote work by most people. However, I know many remote-working travelers who choose Slovenia for various reasons.

Slovenija, Bohinjske jezero
Slovenija, Bohinjske jezero

Slovenia offers natural wonders, the sea, mountains, lakes, a rich culture, and pleasant neighboring countries such as Italy, Austria, and Croatia. It’s an ideal place for immersion in nature and a peaceful, measured way of life. Other advantages include being underrated by travelers and, as a result, being less crowded compared to other destinations. Despite this, the country is very budget friendly. To live and work remotely here, earning 2211 euros ($2336) monthly is sufficient.

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