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We are Alex (AlexUA) and Tetiana (Kolibri), professional travelers with over 20 years of experience. We enjoy both exploring the world and sharing valuable information about independent travel organization.

Travel and visa blogs are our focus, and we manage several websites on these topics. The “LifeIsTravel” blog is dedicated to independent journeys around the world, offering numerous ready-to-use guides, verified routes, and ideas for travel and leisure. There’s also a section covering news from various countries and travel destinations. You’ll find notes on anything that interests us.

One highly useful feature on our website is the hashtags provided at the end of each article, which can help you gather information on each country or destination.

In addition to managing the blog, we have been assisting with U.S. visas for a decade. We provide consultation and help with document submission, regardless of the country of application. If you need assistance, please contact us at usavisa.home@gmail.com.


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