Split, Croatia: 9 Best Beaches


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The best beaches and coves in Split and its surroundings. Brief information, location on the map, and recommendations for accommodation by the sea in Split.

I’ll start by stating that I don’t consider Split the best place for beach holidays in Croatia. The best coastal spots are the Makarska Riviera and the Dubrovnik Riviera. When it comes to Croatian islands, I recommend looking into Korčula, Brač, and Hvar. However, Split is a large city with a beautiful old town and a charming waterfront. Split serves as an airport and ferry port, making it a convenient stop during travels across Croatia.

Many appreciate the vibe of a big city and the opportunity to combine sightseeing with quality beach time in Split. Often, Split offers accommodation choices even when everything elsewhere is booked.

In general, everyone has their own reason to stop here. This is why I am reviewing the best beaches in Split and its surroundings. The city indeed boasts excellent beaches, making it an excellent starting point for your journey, especially if you’re without a car or planning island getaways.

Split, Croatia
Split, Croatia

Jezinac Beach

This is the central beach in Split, approximately 1 km or a 10-15 minute walk to the old town. The beach is situated in a beautiful bay, with the sea displaying various shades of turquoise. In the background, you’ll find the Mestrovic Kaštilac castle. As for the beach itself, it features the traditional light gravel typical of Croatia. There are changing rooms, showers, toilets, and a dedicated parking area. Naturally, there is a cafe with a sea view, and the sea offers excellent opportunities for snorkeling. Not Seychelles level, but there are many beautiful fish and very clear water.

Split Croatia
Split historic waterfront panoramic aerial view, Dalmatia, Croatia

Where to stay:

Beach front apartment Mala Tereza – apartments near the beach on the seafront. An excellent location from all sides – the sea, walking distance to the historic center, easy access to Split airport and seaport.

Kasjuni Beach

Kasjuni Beach is one of the most beautiful in Split and its surroundings. It is loved for its picturesque bay, crystal-clear water, and the atmosphere complemented by views of the cliffs of the Marjan Natural Park. In the upper part of the bay, there is a trendy beach club, and Joe’s Beach Bar offers a beautiful sea view. In the southern part of the beach, there is a section where you can bring dogs.

Split Croatia
Scenic view down to the beach full of tourists and the ship on the bakground

Where to stay:

Luxury Spalato Garden – located near Kasjuni Beach, excellently positioned and provides comfort. An ideal villa for beach holidays in Split.

Bacvice Beach

Bacvice Beach is a popular bathing spot in the city and the most famous sandy beach in Split. Shallow water entry, sandy beach, and proximity to the city center, infrastructure, and entertainment make this beach perfect for families with children. The ferry port is nearby, and it’s a 10-minute walk to the old town.

Split Croatia
Split Croatia

Where to stay:

Hotel Park Split – conveniently located near the beach, an excellent place with breakfast and a pool.

Ovcice Beach

Ovcice Beach is located near the center of Split, literally adjacent to Bacvice Beach. The nearby port and bus station make this beach an ideal spot if you have a short stopover in Split. For the same reason, the beach tends to be crowded, and finding a place during the season can be challenging.

Ovcice Beach features fine gravel and concrete, with the sea maintaining the traditional clarity and cleanliness typical of Croatia. The beach and its vicinity offer cafes, bars, changing rooms, showers, and parking. It’s convenient to arrive by car, leave the vehicle, and relax for a couple of hours.

This beach is perfect if you’re in transit in Split or passing through the city as part of a road trip.

Split Croatia
Split Croatia 

Where to stay:

Luxury Apartments Villa Mala Split — the best accommodation option in this area near the beautiful bay.

Znjan Beach

Znjan Beach is an excellent urban beach in Split. Among its advantages are fine gravel, a pleasant water entry, several small coves for swimming, plenty of space, numerous restaurants and bars, and entertainment for the whole family. Swimwear is optional, as the pebbles are pleasant to touch, and there are no sea urchins.

This beach is popular both among tourists and locals. If Split is your chosen holiday destination, I recommend this place, especially suitable for family vacations. The beach provides parking, paid toilets, and showers with fresh water.

Split Croatia
Split Croatia

Where to stay:

Eol Apartments — a pool and sea view, comfortable Croatian apartments for a beach vacation.

Trstenik Beach

Trstenik Beach is located near Znjan Beach in a beautiful bay near the village of Trstenik – a suburb of Split. The gravel is fine but can be sharp in some places, so consider wearing water shoes. The water is close to perfect, allowing for snorkeling. There is free parking, and the beach is not crowded, even in June, early July, and during the peak season.

While there is a toilet, it’s a bit far to walk, and there are no shops. It takes about 30 minutes to walk to the center of Split. This beach is suitable for those who prefer peace and quiet, especially families with children.

The most picturesque part of Trstenik Beach is supported by the Radisson Blu hotel. However, this part of the beach is open to everyone. It is also popular among surfers and kite surfers due to favorable conditions for these activities.

Split Croatia
City of Split Riva aerial view, Dalmatia, Croatia

Where to stay:

  • Elu Iris – apartments right on the beach with a sea view. Close to Trstenik and Znjan beaches.
  • Radisson Blu – an excellent business-class hotel with its own section of Trstenik Beach. The property features palm trees, a pool, a bar, and a restaurant.

Firule Beach

Firule Beach is another beautiful sandy beach near the city center, located in a picturesque bay. Trees provide natural shade, creating a pleasant atmosphere. The sandy beach has a gradual entry into the sea, making it popular among families with small children. There is a cafe with a sea view, changing rooms, and a shower. A small car park is located above the beach.

Split Croatia
Split Croatia

Where to stay:

Sunshower Apartment – well-equipped apartments with an ideal location.

Plaža Stobreč Jug (Stobreč Jug Beach)

A pebble beach in the vicinity of Split, near the village of Stobreč, approximately 9 km from the city center. The water entry is shallow, reaching a depth of about three meters near the shore, with a few large stones in the water. Water shoes are advisable. The air and water are fresh and clean, and the beach is long with less crowded sections.

The fine, sea-whitened gravel complements the green Mediterranean pine trees, creating a beautiful setting. There is a cafe with panoramic sea views above the beach.

Where to stay:

Apartment Taras – an ideal option for a family vacation, located a few hundred meters from the beach.

Bene Beach

Bene Beach is located within the Marjan Natural Park, surrounded by a pine forest that creates a microclimate on hot summer days. The advantage of this less crowded beach lies in its natural beauty. There is a restaurant on the beach, and since the park is closed to cars, Bene Beach can be reached only on foot, by bicycle, or by bus No. 12. A special micro-train operates here during the summer season.

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