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Dubrovnik Beach Guide: the best beaches within the historic old town, beaches in the surroundings, secret beaches, and a youth beach club. This article compiles everything about Dubrovnik’s beaches – one of the iconic spots on the Croatian coast. Packed with useful information, photos, and brief personal impressions.

Croatia is one of our favorite countries in Europe, where we have spent many happy months, visiting more than 10 times. Our travel durations ranged from one week to a month.

Reminder: Croatia is bordered by the Adriatic Sea. Dubrovnik, the most famous and expensive city in Croatia, is still considerably more affordable than Rome, London, or Paris, with prices comparable to Vienna.

Apart from the ultimate historical landmarks in Dubrovnik and its surroundings, there is a plethora of wonderful beach spots. The sea boasts an incredible shade of blue that exceeds imagination. Those who have been to Croatia can confirm. For those who value it, it’s worth noting that most of Dubrovnik’s beaches are marked with the Blue Flag. Remember, the Blue Flag is not just about the cleanliness of the coast, sea, and water color but also about infrastructure.

Dubrovnik is the southernmost part of Croatia, a region known as Dalmatia. The city has its international airport, where you can even catch a direct flight from Los Angeles. Also nearby is Split Airport, from where buses run, but renting a car is preferable if you enjoy freedom in your movements. Croatian roads are certainly no worse than German ones and undoubtedly more picturesque.

Choosing accommodation in Dubrovnik and deciding on the area for your stay is aided by the article “Where to Stay in Dubrovnik? Top 7 Districts in the City and Surroundings.

Croatia, Dubrovnik
View of Fort Lovrijenac from the walls of the city of Dubrovnik in Croatia, Europe.

Best Dubrovnik Beaches (Briefly)

  • Banje Beach
  • Sunset Beach
  • Sveti Jakov Beach
  • Betina Cave Beach
  • Buza Beach and Bard Mala Buza
  • Coral Beach Club
  • Šulić Beach
  • Bellevue Beach
  • Pasjaca Beach
  • Sunj Beach on the island of Lapad
  • Beaches in the villages of Mlini, Plat, Cavtat

Let’s explore the best beaches in Dubrovnik and its surroundings. Here is the ultimate top – the best beaches in this beautiful city and its nearby areas. As always, I provide the names of the beaches in Latin letters for easy map searching.

Banje Beach

Banje Beach is one of the most famous city beaches in Dubrovnik. It is located near the historic old town. Besides the aquamarine sea color, the beach offers a view of the fortress walls, the old port, and the neighboring island of Lokrum. There is no natural shade, so you’ll need to rent an umbrella and a sunbed. The beach has a restaurant called Banje and a beach club with DJs and drinks. The beach surface consists of medium-sized pebbles, typical of most Adriatic coast beaches.

Where to stay?

There are many excellent accommodation options near the beach. From luxurious and expensive – Hotel Excelsior 5*. For those who prioritize comfort, proximity to the beach, and the city center, I recommend apartments:

  • Apartments Emi – a balcony with a stunning view of the sea and the old town, 10 minutes walk to the center, close to the beach and the sea.
  • Apartment Anic 3* – very close to Banje Beach Porporela, with a view of the city and the sea. The apartments have everything you need for a relaxing stay, including a sun umbrella. The apartment format allows you to step out directly to the steps leading to the beach.
Croatia, Dubrovnik
Historic town of Dubrovnik and Banje beach view, Dalmatia region of Croatia

Sunset Beach

Another popular relaxation spot in Dubrovnik is Sunset Beach. Located on the Lapad Peninsula, which is one of my top 7 districts for Dubrovnik vacations. It is a pebble beach with various shades of turquoise sea, the color of which greatly depends on the weather and is most beautiful during bright sunlight. There is a promenade nearby, several cafes, and beach activities like jet-skiing or SUP. The beach is the best place to watch the sunset, hence the name.

Where to stay?

  • Hotel More – a boutique hotel by the sea, with a location directly by the sea with a private beach. There is a terrace with a pool on the roof – a truly cool place.
  • Villa Boban Apartments – has a pool, one of the best accommodations in this area of Dubrovnik.

Sveti Jakov Beach

A classic dream beach – a small semi-oval bay with turquoise water, surrounded by rock formations that look fantastic, all enhanced by a breathtaking view of Dubrovnik. As always, there is a beach bar and restaurant nearby, offering drinks and snacks. You can rent a sunbed and a sun umbrella. Many specialized publications and travelers consider this beach one of the best not only in Dubrovnik but also in Croatia. It’s worth including it in your itinerary even if you’re staying elsewhere.

Where to stay?

  • Beach House Sveti Jakov 1 – the apartments are practically on the beach, away from the noise of the main road. A balcony with a fantastic view of Dubrovnik and the Adriatic – highly recommended.
  • Room St. Jacob Dubrovnik – another set of apartments that we really like. Booking in advance is necessary, as they are very popular among those who appreciate good accommodation. Also with a balcony, sea view, and Dubrovnik. They are slightly cheaper than the previous ones.
Croatia, DubrovnikCroatia, Dubrovnik
Waves lap up against the shores of Sveti Jakov, a secluded beach sandwiched between the rocks facing the town of Dubrovnik.

Betina Cave Beach

This beach made it to the top as an unusual and semi-secret spot known to those fascinated by beach topics. It’s located not far from Sveti Jakov Beach, and if you live nearby, I recommend a visit. If you appreciate semi-secret places, it’s also worth checking out.

The beach is small and intriguing due to a cave that hangs over it, creating natural shade. Accessible only by boat or kayak, it offers excellent snorkeling in addition to its shimmering turquoise waters. It’s essential to have water shoes – special rubber slippers that cost around 10 Euros and are available at any popular Croatian beach.

There’s no infrastructure on this beach, no water or drinks, cafes, or other amenities. If you plan to stay longer than 30-40 minutes, it’s wise to bring water and a couple of sandwiches.

You can join an excursion to this beach, which can be purchased independently on GetYourGuide.

Buza Beach and Bard Mala Buza

Two places right under the walls of Dubrovnik’s old town – Buza and Mala Buza, where you can take a dip after exploring the scorching city. The beaches are stony, with a descent into the water via stone steps. Surrounding cliffs and rocks provide spots for jumping into the water if you enjoy such activities. The water’s color makes it seem like you’ll see the abyss.

On a cool hill, there’s a cafe and a bar with an excellent view of the water, cliffs, and a romantic atmosphere.

Both beaches are beautiful and worth a visit.

Where to stay?

  • Apartment La Petite – an excellent choice in the Old Town, suitable if you want the city atmosphere and nightlife, and beach relaxation is not a priority. Located on a side street in a quiet area in the center of Dubrovnik.
Croatia, Dubrovnik
Croatia, Dubrovnik

Coral Beach Club

Another beautiful beach in Dubrovnik, situated on the Lapad Peninsula. This is the place to go for a trendy crowd and a youthful atmosphere. Stylish ambiance, well-zoned space, lots of wooden elements in the interior, an excellent beach bar, and cafe – you can enjoy a cocktail and a meal. Rental prices for sunbeds and umbrellas, as well as bar services, are above average, but the place is worth it. You don’t have to pay just for swimming; if you come with a beach towel, you can find a spot in the upper part of the beach even in the high season.

Where to stay?

  • Hotel More – a boutique hotel by the sea, with a location directly by the sea with a private beach. There is a terrace with a pool on the roof – a truly cool place.
  • Villa Boban Apartments – has a pool, one of the best accommodations in this area of Dubrovnik.

Šulić Beach

Near the old town of Dubrovnik, there is the Pile district, which I recommend for relaxation. In this area, you’ll find the small and charming Šulić Beach. This beach regularly ranks high in various beach ratings, and I won’t overlook it.

Above the beach, you can see the ancient fortress Lovrijenac, adding charm to the scenery. As befitting a beautiful place, there’s a beach bar and restaurant on top.

If you want activities, you can rent a kayak here and paddle around the fortress walls of Dubrovnik, admire the coastline, and the old town.

Croatia, Dubrovnik
Aerial drone shot of sunset beach cove in Dubrovnik in Croatia summer sunset hour

Bellevue Beach

This beach is located in the Bellevue Bay, which has earned a reputation as the most beautiful bay in Dubrovnik. The landmark is the Hotel Bellevue. Just behind the hotel, you can descend steep steps and find another dreamy spot. Surrounding cliffs, cliff divers, turquoise sea, crystal-clear water, and quality snorkeling – don’t forget your mask.

Where to stay?

  • Rixos Premium Dubrovnik – a luxury hotel near the beach, modestly calling itself the best city hotel for seaside relaxation. Reviews are good; if anyone stays there, write in the comments if it’s as great as they say.
Croatia, Dubrovnik
aerial view of the public Bellevue beach in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Pasjaca Beach

Pasjaca Beach is one you should see at least if you’re vacationing in Dubrovnik or arrived here as part of a road trip itinerary. Pasjaca Beach is southeast of Dubrovnik, 28 km along the highway towards Montenegro, about half an hour’s drive along a picturesque road along the Adriatic coast.

Getting to the beach is ideal by car. Leave the vehicle in the parking lot near the steep cliff and descend along the paved trail. The beach is very picturesque, especially in contrast with the color of the cliffs and the sea, particularly in the evening pre-sunset lighting.

Croatia, Dubrovnik
Croatia landscape. Dalmatia Adriatic coast. Pasjaca beach below cliffs in Konavle.

Sunj Beach on the island of Lopud

Sunj Beach is located on the small island of Lopud near Dubrovnik. Lopud Island is one of the islands in the beautiful Elafiti archipelago. You can get there by ferry or buy a one-day trip in agencies. There are excursions that include all three islands in the archipelago.

Sunj Beach’s peculiarity is that it is sandy, with a smooth entry into the water, even sandy, clean sea – ideal for relaxation with children. There are relatively few people even in the peak season, sunbeds and umbrellas are paid, there is a changing room, a shower, and a cafe.

Where to stay?

On the island of Lopud, there’s an excellent choice of about fifty hotels and apartments – book and relax. Rely on reviews and your preferences.

Croatia, Dubrovnik
LOPUD, CROATIA – JUNE 27, 2015: Scene of the fishing port and the beach, with the Franciscan Monastery, boats, locals and tourists, in the village Lopud, Lopud Island, one of the Elaphiti Islands, Croatia

Beaches in the villages of Mlini, Plat, Cavtat

In the article about vacationing in Dubrovnik and its surroundings, I recommended locations on the Dubrovnik Riviera such as Mlini, Plat, and Cavtat. They are located within 10 to 20 km from Dubrovnik.

Here, you can either spend your entire vacation or just come by car or public transport to broaden your experience of relaxation in Croatia.

These three villages are practically located along the coast of a large bay. There are beaches for every taste – sunny, with natural shade, with a stone entrance or platforms. The water’s cleanliness is ideal. There are many walking trails and paths along the sea. A paradise for those who love to walk a lot. You can change several beaches in a day if, like us, you don’t like sitting in one place. Distances are small, everything is very civilized, the atmosphere is calm and peaceful.

For accommodation, I can recommend the budget-friendly Villa Marija Adriatic in the village of Mlini.

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