Top 5 Countries for Your First Solo Trip


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How to decide on your first independent trip abroad. Which country to choose to avoid problems, have a great time, and save money. Which countries are the easiest to travel to independently if it’s your first time.

I analyzed several dozen countries where you can travel independently for leisure and exploration. To evaluate the potential for a solo trip, I considered 7 key criteria to help you understand why these countries stand out.


Visa Regime: Ukrainians and others do not require a visa.

Language and Hospitality: English is understood in tourist areas.

Transportation: Quality roads, buses, and airports in key tourist locations.

Attractions: Turkey offers diverse tourism options and is a top priority.

Price Level: Prices are lower than in most of Europe.

Safety: A very safe country.

Infrastructure and Service: High-level infrastructure and service.


Visa Regime: Visa-free for many countries.

Language and Hospitality: Georgians are hospitable and understand many languages.

Transportation: Excellent transportation infrastructure and accessibility.

Attractions: Georgia is rich in tourist opportunities.

Price Level: Prices for accommodation and food are reasonable.

Safety: Very safe for tourists.

Infrastructure and Service: Developed infrastructure and good service.


Visa Regime: Visa on arrival.

Language and Hospitality: English is widely understood.

Transportation: Excellent organization of internal travel.

Attractions: Thailand offers a rich spectrum of tourism.

Price Level: Affordable prices for transportation, accommodation, and food.

Safety: Tourist police ensure safety.

Infrastructure and Service: High service levels and a variety of entertainment options.


Visa Regime: Ukrainians, Baltic residents, and Israelis do not need a visa.

Language and Hospitality: English is widely spoken by locals.

Transportation: Easy access with car rentals and excursions available.

Attractions: Cyprus is known for its beaches and pleasant weather.

Price Level: Prices are lower than in many European countries.

Safety: Cyprus is considered a safe place.

Infrastructure and Service: Excellent infrastructure and service.


Visa Regime: Visa-free for some citizens, Schengen visa required for others.

Language and Hospitality: English is not always widely understood, but phrases will help.

Transportation: Excellent highways and car rental options.

Attractions: Croatia offers seaside resorts, mountains, and historical landmarks.

Price Level: Prices are higher, but the quality of vacation is worth it.

Safety: a safe country

Infrastructure and Service: Good infrastructure and apartments by the sea

Choose one of these countries for your first independent journey and enjoy your vacation without any hassle.

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