Top-5 tourism trends for 2024


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In 2023, tourism literally came to life and almost fully recovered after the pandemic and its associated restrictions. Some destinations and countries even began setting their tourism records, while many popular destinations are once again suffering from over-tourism. The end of the year is a traditional time for summarizing and making predictions.

The major tourism portal Expedia has released a fresh report outlining the key tourism trends for the upcoming year 2024. Interested in what will be relevant for travelers in 2024? Below are the top 5 trends in tourism.


The number one trend in 2024 is traveling to the filming locations of popular movies or TV series, known as “Set-Jetting.”

For example, Sicily was a popular destination in 2023 due to the popularity of the series “White Lotus.” In 2024, Thailand is expected to become such a place as it is the filming location for the next season.

Krabi, Thailand
Woman in bikini relaxing on swing at Ko lao lading island, Krabi, Thailand.

Other examples include Romania gaining popularity after the series “Wednesday,” and Paris seeing increased attention after the release of the film “Emily in Paris.”

Paris, France

Destination Dupes

The cost of tourism and travel has risen, especially for destinations that became popular, in part, due to media and social media promotion. This is why budget travelers in 2024 will seek alternatives to well-known, expensive, and crowded destinations like Barcelona, London, Dubrovnik, or Santorini.

Examples include:

  • Paros, Greece (a substitute for Santorini);
  • Liverpool, England (a substitute for London);
  • Taipei, Taiwan (a substitute for Seoul);
  • Palermo, Italy (a substitute for Lisbon).
Paros, Greece
Paros, Greece

These alternatives offer the same experiences and vibes at a lower cost, with the added benefit of avoiding negative emotions from tourist overcrowding.

Tour Tourism

Travel based on concert tours became a significant trend in 2023 and is expected to intensify in 2024. Statistics show that 70% of travelers are willing to go to another city or country for the performance of their favorite artists.

live music festival
live music festival

Additionally, 40% of respondents stated they use concert trips as an opportunity to explore a new city or destination. This trend also extends to trips for sports events.

Vibe Check-Ins

An interesting trend is traveling to check the vibe of a particular hotel. Travelers now pay attention not only to the amenities offered by the hotel but also to the details that create a unique atmosphere – the so-called “vibe.”

Hotel vibe
Hotel vibe

More importance is given to interior design, lighting, service details, and various elements that contribute to the overall atmosphere of a place. Travelers will seek out these vibes, and classical attractions will be just a pleasant addition to the trip.


While not a new trend, it is expected to reach new heights in the coming year. This involves traveling to destinations associated with significant events in the lives of families or couples.

Birthday in Thailand
Birthday in Thailand

Trips are connected to important personal events, such as birthdays, wedding anniversaries, job promotions, or even “Babymoons” – the last vacation before the arrival of a child, or ” puppy moons” – the last vacation before getting a puppy.

Events could also include retirement or the completion of an educational institution, marking the end of free student life.


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