US Visa in Poland for Ukrainians


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Due to the war in Ukraine, the US Embassy in Kyiv does not issue US visas. It is also not possible to schedule a visa appointment through a simplified procedure by mail. Poland has become the optimal and most popular place to obtain an American visa. Currently, Poland is the best place to get a US visa if you are in the EU or living in Ukraine.

Even in North America, Canada and Mexico, obtaining a US visa quickly is not possible. For instance, scheduling an interview in Canada might require waiting for a year and a half or more, and there are no appointments for non-residents in Mexico.

Waiting for the US Embassy in Kyiv to resume operations is also a less promising endeavor.

Why is Poland the optimal place to get a US visa?

Poland is a popular country for obtaining an American visa for several reasons:

  • It is Ukraine’s neighboring country and relatively easy to reach by car, bus, or train. Tickets can be bought inexpensively if planned.
  • It is easy to schedule an interview in Poland, even for those not living in the country.
  • The fee can be paid online, unlike in Romania, Bulgaria, or Moldova.
  • Translation services from Russian to Polish and English are available at reasonable prices. On average, it costs 100–150 zl.
  • Poland houses both the US embassy and general consulate, increasing the chances of scheduling desired dates.
  • Poland has a high rate of granting US visas, confirmed by my experience and reviews from people who have visited the embassy.
  • In the event of approval, a passport with a US visa can be obtained the next day, faster than in Germany, Austria, or other popular countries.

If you already scheduled an interview in Ukraine

You have two options:

  • Wait for the embassy to resume operations.
  • Reapply in Poland. In the case of a new application in Poland, understand that the consular fee will need to be paid again. The fee paid in Ukraine is valid only within Ukraine.

Useful addresses

The US Embassy is located in Warsaw and the Consulate General in Krakow in Poland. Both missions handle issuing American visas, including for Ukrainians.

US Embassy in Warsaw

Address: Al. Ujazdowskie 29/31, 00–540 Warsaw, Poland

US Consulate General in Krakow

Address: Stolarska 9, 31–043 Krakow, Poland

Email address for US Embassy support in Poland:

Specifics of scheduling a US visa interview in Poland

There are two scheduling options in Poland:

  • If you live and work in Poland and are considered a resident, you can schedule as a resident under the Regular category.
  • If you live in another country – Ukraine or anywhere in the world, you should select the non-resident category.

The good news is that there are plenty of slots available for both categories, and issues with dates do not arise. I am aware of this as I have been scheduling visa interviews in Poland practically daily for several years.

Language for interviews in Poland

In Krakow, you can attend interviews in Polish or English. You can also bring your own translator with a prior request through the online portal no less than a week before the interview.

In Warsaw, interviews can be conducted in English, Polish, and Russian. You can also bring your own translator.

Procedure for obtaining a US visa in Poland

The process of applying for an American visa in Poland is the same as in other countries. Below are the steps briefly outlined;

Step 1: Register and prepare form DS-160

Step 2: Register an online account

Step 3: Pay the consular fee through the online portal

Step 4: Schedule the visa interview

Step 5: Attend the interview and receive the US visa.

Entry to Poland for Ukrainians is visa-free with a biometric passport.

Visa consultations

I provide consultations on obtaining tourist, guest, and student visas to the US at all stages – assessing chances, form preparation, guidance, preparing for the visa interview, consultations of any complexity, detailed case analysis to identify strengths and weaknesses.

If needed, contact at:

  • Viber +38 091 923 3946
  • Telegram alx_ua


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