Croatia has been named the top wish-list destination among European countries


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It is ascending in the Wanderlust magazine rankings and now stands at the pinnacle among European nations!

This Adriatic gem is simply exquisite, particularly renowned for its coastal beauties, such as Dubrovnik, which was crowned the “Most Desired City in Europe” last year.

But that’s not all; besides stunning views of islands and coasts, Croatia offers cultural discoveries and adventures at every corner, whether by the sea or deep within the country. Did you know that in Pula, you can admire Roman ruins? Or that museums in Zagreb are unusually fascinating? The wild waterfalls of Plitvice are simply breathtaking! Not to mention the stunning mountain landscapes in Risnjak.

So, if you’re seeking a real adventure, Croatia is the destination for you! Read on; I’ve accumulated a lot of interesting experiences over years of traveling through Croatia by car.

Spain and Italy only secured silver and bronze, respectively, with France ranking fifth after Greece! The complete wish-list rankings according to Wanderlust reader reviews are as follows:

  1. Croatia
  2. Spain
  3. Italy
  4. Greece
  5. France
  6. Germany
  7. Slovenia
  8. Iceland
  9. Scotland
  10. Austria

And do you know which country became the most desired in the world? – Australia! The most desired island is recognized as Cuba, and the first city in the world on the wish-list is Cape Town in South Africa.

There you have it, now live with that. Or better yet, start planning your summer vacation!

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