Italy launches program for digital nomads


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A new visa for remote workers is being implemented by Italy’s law dated March 28, 2024, and comes into effect from April 4.

Who can apply for an Italian visa for digital nomads?

Anyone working remotely and earning income not tied to the country issuing the visa (in our case, Italy) can apply for a visa.

A prerequisite for obtaining such a visa will be an annual income slightly less than 28,000 euros.

In addition to income, medical insurance for the entire duration of the visa, property rental for the same period, and a certificate of no criminal record are required.

Applicants for the visa must show proof of income and demonstrate that they have been digital nomads elsewhere for at least 6 months.

To obtain the visa, one must apply at the consular office in their country of residence outside Italy.

How long are visas issued for digital nomads in Italy?

The visa will be valid for 1 year.

After the visa expires, it can be renewed at the appropriate immigration office.

Family members can accompany. There are also specific conditions for this case, which need to be clarified on the Embassy of Italy’s website.

Taxation of digital nomads in Italy

If you work from Italy under a digital nomad visa, you must pay taxes in this country.

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