5 new popular destinations for digital nomads in Europe in 2024


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I’ll tell you about some new, less obvious cities in Europe for digital nomads. Take a look at these destinations even if you have a lot of experience living in different countries and think nothing can surprise you.

This list won’t include Lisbon or Barcelona for various reasons (unfriendliness of locals and rising prices). These destinations used to be extremely popular, but now people are trying to leave as quickly as possible.

There are still plenty of safe and beautiful places in Europe with a low cost of living that are starting to attract digital nomads with visa programs, the cost of living, and mild climates in the off-season. The friendliness of locals in these cities is also included in the list of advantages.

Bucharest, Romania

Let’s start with Romania. This country has many beautiful cities, but it’s Bucharest that ranks 5th on the Nomad List – a recognized authority in the field.

If the cost of living is your top priority, then Bucharest is perfect for you. The capital of Romania has excellent infrastructure for the work and life of digital nomads. An interesting old town, infrastructure, metro, supermarkets, and restaurants.

Yes, Bucharest isn’t as beautiful as Budapest, Prague, Zurich, or Paris, but it has a wonderful social life and plenty of fun places to spend the evening. If that’s the lifestyle you’re looking for, then Bucharest is great for a change of scenery for a few months.

Bucharest is a safe city, and the cost of living, including renting a good apartment, is around 1800 euros per month. Renting a place costs 400–600 euros per month.

Digital Nomads, Romania
Digital Nomads, Romania

Istanbul, Turkey

Someone who has never been to Istanbul might be intimidated by its size and the number of people. Over 20 million people live in this metropolis!

But Istanbul is so beautiful, yet chaotic. But it’s a well-managed chaos, everything works smoothly. Istanbul is a huge cultural heritage that you can explore for months without repeating yourself. The climate here is excellent in the off-season, and there’s a developed infrastructure. Besides, Istanbul is a major transportation hub at the intersection of Europe and Asia. You can fly to all continents from here, except Antarctica.

For digital nomads, there are plenty of coworking spaces, and you can always find something interesting and unusual in the evenings. Don’t let the religious aspect bother you; Istanbul is a cosmopolitan city.

According to experts from Nomad List, living in Istanbul will cost around 1800 euros per month, including housing.

Digital Nomads, Istanbul
Digital Nomads, Istanbul

Las Palmas, Gran Canaria Island (Spain)

Gran Canaria is the second most popular island in the Canary archipelago, which I extensively covered in my blog.

The capital of Gran Canaria, Las Palmas, is known for its excellent climate year-round, almost always around 18-25 degrees. It never gets too hot or too cold here.

The advantage of Las Palmas is its beaches and the ocean, where you can swim even in winter, a peaceful way of life, moderate prices, plenty of nature in the surroundings, and a rich cultural heritage.

Renting a car is reasonably priced, there’s its own airport, and ferry connections to other islands of the archipelago.

Comparing it with mainland Spain, Gran Canaria is financially accessible. Living in the island’s capital is estimated at 1750 euros per month. This includes housing, of course. It’s unlikely that this figure would scare remote workers.

Digital Nomads, Gran Canaria
Digital Nomads, Gran Canaria

Split, Croatia

Experts rate Split as the second fastest-growing destination for digital nomads.

Split is the second-largest city in Croatia, located on the coast of the Adriatic Sea and combines the coast with beaches and ancient heritage. Split has excellent urban infrastructure, and the ferry port opens up an incredible number of routes to Croatian islands.

Not far from the Old Town is an excellent promenade with views of the city and a marina with cafes and restaurants. Split’s specialty is local pastries sold in mini bakeries all over the city and ice cream that’s no worse than Italian.

It sounds fantastic, but living in Split, including all expenses, including accommodation, will cost a maximum of 1900 euros. If you don’t eat out often and choose more modest accommodation, you can save even more.

Digital Nomads, Split, Croatia
Digital Nomads, Split, Croatia

Skopje, North Macedonia

Believe it or not, I was shocked myself when I discovered the leader among destinations for digital nomads. It turned out to be the capital of Macedonia, Skopje. We’ve been here and found this city interesting, albeit a bit peculiar. Skopje lacks the sea; it’s a post-communist city with a remarkable variety of monuments to various figures, both historical and literary. What struck me as strange was the abundance of monuments, which often didn’t match each other and literally crowded some city districts or parks.

The city’s centerpiece is considered to be Alexander the Great on horseback, whose monument rises on the central square. And it truly rises, as its size is impressive.

Besides statues and monuments, Skopje boasts excellent South Slavic cuisine, a cozy historic center with cobblestone streets, restaurants, and souvenir shops. An ancient castle towers on a hill, and the city is divided in half by a small river.

Prices are traditionally moderate for the Balkans. Living in the capital of North Macedonia will cost you between 800 and 1300 euros, depending on whether you prefer dining out in restaurants. Comfortable accommodation is included in this cost.

Digital Nomads, North Macedonia, Skopje
Digital Nomads, North Macedonia, Skopje

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