Car rental in Oludeniz, Turkey – personal experience


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Our experience and peculiarities of car rental in Turkey – Oludeniz and Fethiye.

I’ve already written about the general approach to car rental in Turkey and the peculiarities of traveling by car in Turkey.

This is not our first experience of renting a car in Turkey, but a fresh review won’t hurt.

The task was simple – to rent a car at Dalaman airport at a good price with a minimal deposit and set off along the Turkish coast route from Fethiye through Oludeniz to the city of Kas with stops at interesting places.

You can read about our route in this part of Turkey here.

Renting car in Turkey
Renting car in Turkey

Where to rent a car in Turkey

We have been traveling for a long time and in most countries, we know where the best car rental conditions are and where to turn.

Sometimes it’s international rental, for example, in the States or in Western Europe. But in most countries, we prefer local rental companies. Why overpay even if there is money? Why freeze a huge deposit if you can get by with a hundred euros? The question is rhetorical.

The best local rental companies in Turkey are listed on the LocalRent website, which has long proven itself well.

The service here is better than that of international companies – prompt support via WhatsApp, car delivery to the airport, on-site paperwork, everything is clear and fast.

I have no prejudice against local car rental companies, they have long been successfully competing with international ones.

I always book a car in advance. Usually two to three weeks, but it’s better to do it a month or a month and a half in advance.

In the case of Turkey, at Dalaman airport, there are offices of international rental companies, but the cars themselves are parked elsewhere and you will have to drive to get them. This is another downside of international rental.

Renting car in Turkey
Renting car in Turkey

The Car Rental Process in Turkey

I visited the car rental website and selected Turkey – Dalaman airport.

I chose a suitable budget option – usually these are brand new Fiat or Renault cars priced at 25-35 Euros per day, depending on the season. Booking early will be cheaper than booking a week before the trip.

I received a booking confirmation via email, which this time ended up in the spam folder, so make sure to check all folders.

I paid a 15% deposit of the booking amount – the remaining amount is to be paid on-site.

I left my WhatsApp number, and received a welcome notification from the rental company requesting my flight number and information about any delays, if applicable.

Renting car in Turkey
Renting car in Turkey

How does everything happen?

Our flight was delayed by two hours. I’ve already written a review about this airline. Besides the slight delay, there were no other complaints.

I informed the rental company representative via WhatsApp about the new arrival time and received confirmation that everything was fine, and their representative would meet us at the airport.

Upon arrival, I exited the airport building, where the rental company representative was waiting for us with a sign displaying my name.

The car was parked nearby in the parking lot. The rental agreement process took exactly 10 minutes – inspecting the car, documenting any scratches in the agreement, signing the contract, paying the insurance deposit, and rental cost. I used my credit card for payment. There were no restrictions on credit cards; I could have also paid with a debit card.

According to the rental agreement, the car had a minimal amount of fuel, and I was required to return it with the same amount. This is a small trick of the rental company, as you always end up returning a little more fuel than what was initially in the car. In reality, it’s just a couple of euros. Fuel in Turkey is cheaper than in Europe and Ukraine.

The cost of diesel is less than 1 euro per liter, and gasoline is roughly the same.

Together with the rental company representative, we drove to the nearest gas station, filled up the tank, and then set off to my apartment in Oludeniz following the navigator. Within an hour, we arrived and had dinner on the balcony of the apartment.

The time and place for returning the car were agreed upon in advance, but we could also confirm via WhatsApp. It was the same gas station near the airport where we parted ways with the rental company representative.

When returning the car, there were no issues. I quickly inspected it, took the keys, and was dropped off at the airport, where I was wished a pleasant flight.

It’s hard for me to imagine a simpler process of renting a car and returning it, considering we’ve had over a hundred such episodes in different countries.

Renting car in Turkey
Renting car in Turkey

How much does the rental cost?

Here, too, everything was very nice and pleasant.

The cost of renting a car for a week was 120 euros. It was the end of June so the price was lower than in August-September.

The rental price included basic insurance, which did not cover glass and tires. We never take additional insurance. The roads in Turkey are excellent. Driving culture is European, and drivers are polite.

The deposit was 100 euros, which was blocked on my credit card. The money was refunded on the second day after returning from Turkey. Everything was clear and without unnecessary hassle on my part.

Our Renault’s fuel consumption was about 7 liters per hundred kilometers. The car wasn’t very powerful and comfort, but it coped with the task. It was perfect for a short trip along the coast. If we go on a longer trip next time, I’ll rent something a bit higher class.

Why a car in Turkey?

For me, the answer is obvious.

It’s about comfort upon arrival when you don’t need to struggle with luggage to find a taxi or cram into a bus.

Convenience in travel logistics – with a car, we can drive to our apartment or hotel, visit the beaches we like, rather than those nearby which are typically crowded with tourists.

With a car, I can see more and spend less than the same amount of time on a bus, with tours, or walking. New experiences and emotions are important to us; just sitting in a bar or lounging on the beach is boring.

A car means safety. The number of contacts with people in public transport is minimized. After the pandemic, this has become relevant for even more people. We’ve never liked traveling “like cattle” and always try to avoid overly crowded places.

Where to book a hotel in Turkey

We used for Fethiye and Oludeniz, booking in advance. Keep in mind that Booking doesn’t work in Turkey, so you’ll need to either use a VPN application or simply book your hotel in advance.

Where to buy airline tickets to Turkey

Many airlines fly to Turkey. We search for tickets on Aviasales, a wonderful flight aggregator where you can compare prices from different sellers and choose what suits you best. We buy directly on the website and receive an electronic ticket via email.

Insurance for Turkey

Insurance for Turkey is a mandatory option. Upon arrival, we weren’t asked for it, only for a test and a registration form, but I stopped traveling without insurance several years ago. It costs a pittance, saves money and time, and adds comfort to our travels.

I buy it on Hotline Finance.

Car rental in Turkey

There’s no competition for the LocalRent website here. We’ve been using it for a long time in countries like Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Montenegro. We have more than a hundred episodes of car rental worldwide. It is more than enough experience to draw conclusions about where it’s best to book a car.


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