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The best and unique beaches of Montenegro, how to get there, what beaches are in Montenegro, the most beautiful beaches, and beaches for family vacations. Guide to the beaches of Montenegro.

For most of us, summer means beaches and turquoise sea, preferably in Europe, preferably not at the price of the Maldives, and preferably with everything nearby and good infrastructure.

In the Balkans, there is a whole array of destinations with the best beaches and crystal sea in Europe — Greece, Albania, Croatia, and Montenegro. Choose between these four countries, and you won’t go wrong.

Montenegro, although it looks tiny on the map, stretches for a solid 295 km along the luxurious Adriatic coast. In this country, there is a plethora of first-class beaches, understandable prices for recreation, and cool nature and mountains. All of this has made Montenegro highly sought after in the summer season. And overcrowding with people is the main “problem” of this destination.

To begin with, let’s sort out the beaches and highlight the best of the best. I recommend planning the best road trip route through Montenegro, which includes only the coolest locations.

The 7 Best Beaches in Montenegro

It’s important to understand that practically all of these beaches are beautiful but crowded during the season. The high season in Montenegro coincides with the peak of heat and vacation season in EU countries — July and August.

If you want to enjoy the sea with fewer people, plan your vacation in Montenegro in June or September. In other months, the sea will be cooler, but everything else will be just as wonderful as in summer.

Montenegro, Beach map
Montenegro, Beach map

Mogren Beach

The most popular and beautiful beach in the vicinity of Budva. Named after a Spanish sailor who shipwrecked in these parts.

The beach consists of two beautiful coves connected by a passage through a cave. The beach surface is sand and fine gravel.

Getting to the beach is easy from Budva along a picturesque trail from the old town. The trail starts from the waterfront, goes up, offering breathtaking views of old Budva.

MONTENEGRO, Mogren beach
MONTENEGRO, Mogren beach

Where to stay nearby:

There is no accommodation right next to the beach. You can stay in apartments in Budva. Below, I recommend these options with a sea view and a view of the old town:

Sveti Stefan and Queens beaches

Even those who are just planning a vacation in Montenegro know about Sveti Stefan. Sveti Stefan is a postcard of Montenegro and one of the most famous beaches in the country. It is also the main attraction on the coast of Montenegro.

The fame of Sveti Stefan beach is brought by the (semi) island, which is connected to the mainland by a narrow isthmus (the main photo of the article). The territory of the island itself belongs to the expensive hotel “Aman Sveti Stefan”. Periodically, there are territorial disputes about who owns the land, but this does not affect the beauty of the surrounding area.

On both sides of the isthmus connecting the island of Sveti Stefan, there are two beaches.

The first beach — Queens is covered with very fine pinkish gravel and belongs to the expensive and pretentious Aman Resort hotel. Access to this beach is only available to hotel guests, or you will have to pay 130 euros per person for a sunbed. I cannot recommend this hotel — it is excessively pretentious, clearly overrated, and rumored to have problems at the moment (2024).

Sveti Stefan, Montenegro
The beach in front of Sveti Stefan, Montenegro

The second beach is the pebble beach of Sveti Stefan, with a beautiful view of the eponymous (semi) island. This beach is open to the public and free to visit.

You can admire the island of Sveti Stefan from the coastal road.

Sveti Stefan, Montenegro
Beach near the island Sveti Stefan. Montenegro

Where to stay nearby:

Near Sveti Stefan beach, there are several excellent accommodation options with views of the sea and the peninsula:

Villa Geba Boutique Hotel — one of the best boutique hotels in this area with great service, grounds, and surroundings. Not very cheap, but not overly expensive either.

Sound of the Sea Apartment — spacious and very comfortable apartments of average budget. Recommended for any length of stay from 2 to 10 days.

Zoro Apartments — budget-friendly and very pleasant apartments. Comfort is much higher than the price, beautiful surroundings. Suitable for a short stopover or the entire vacation period.

Jaz Beach

Jaz Beach is an extensive and very popular beach in Montenegro. The beach consists of a large bay with sections of sand and gravel. One section of the beach is occupied by nudists.

Jaz Beach is located near the town of Budva, and the bay is adjacent to the famous Mogren Beach.

Families with children love this beach for its comfortable water access and clean turquoise sea. The beach offers all activities such as jet skiing, kayaking, and other water sports.

There is practically no natural shade on this beach, but you can rent sun loungers and umbrellas.

Jaz Beach, Montenegro
Jaz is a beach in the Budva Municipality in Montenegro

Where to stay nearby:

There is a camping site for car travelers on the beach. Additionally, I can recommend several apartments:

Lighthouse Apartments — apartments with a sea view, located slightly above the beach.

Poseidon The Beach Hotel — an excellent beachfront hotel located directly by the sea.

Apartments Villa Sveti Nikola — budget apartments with a balcony and sea view, offering excellent value for money.

Budva Beach

Budva Beach is the city beach of Budva, located directly next to the walls of the old fortress. It is fully equipped with umbrellas, sun loungers, and a pier for diving. In addition to the clean sea, you can enjoy a picturesque view of the old fortress while swimming and sunbathing.

This beach is suitable for those staying in Budva and prefer the bustling atmosphere of the most touristy city in Montenegro.

We visited this beach once when we stayed in Budva during our road trip through Montenegro.

Beach near old Budva. Montenegro
Budva, Montenegro – July 7, 2023: People relaxing on the beach near wals of old town

Where to stay in Budva:

Avala Resort & Villas — the best resort in Budva, located directly on this beach. The old town is just a few steps away.

Villa Casa di Pietra — Budva Old town – excellent budget apartments near the old fortress in Budva. The sea and the old town are just a few steps away.

Apia Residence — apartments in the heart of old Budva, close to everything – old Budva, the promenade, and the beaches.

Lučice Beach

Lučice Beach is a small but incredibly cozy beach surrounded by Mediterranean pine trees. It is located near the resort town of Petrovac. In summer, the place is very popular and crowded. Petrovac also has a city beach, but Lučice Beach is much nicer.

I can describe this place as atmospheric, despite its popularity. The bay is beautiful, and it’s definitely worth stopping by to relax here. Don’t forget to bring a mask; there are excellent opportunities for exploring the local underwater kingdom.

There are a couple of excellent bars behind the beach where you can have coffee or beer. You can rent umbrellas and sun loungers for a small fee.

Montenegro, Petrovac
Montenegro, Petrovac

Where to stay nearby:

Hotel Plaza Lucice 4* — an excellent hotel just a couple of hundred meters from the beach. Very comfortable apartments.

Apartment – OXANA — new apartments with a sea view and very close to the beach, only 300-350 meters away. Falling asleep and waking up to the sound of the waves, what could be better!

Buljarica Beach

Buljarica Beach is an excellent beach located near the town of Petrovac, close to Lučice Beach. Unlike Lučice, Buljarica Beach is huge by Montenegrin standards, with a coastline of about 2 km. Due to its size and relative distance from the main resorts, there are fewer people on the beach than there could be.

The water entry is rocky, with some sandy spots. Swimming shoes are recommended! The water is crystal clear.

You can drive to the beach, and parking is available for a fee of 3 euros.

During the season, several bars and cafes operate in the upper part of the beach. Umbrellas and sun loungers are available for rent.

A small section of the beach is designated for nudists.

I recommend this beach for those who love peace and quiet and want to avoid crowds as much as possible in the summer.

Buljarica near Budva in Montenegro
Buljarica near Budva in Montenegro

Where to stay nearby:

Loft Infinity — new vacation apartments, with the sea and all that comes with it literally at your doorstep.

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