9 Best Beaches on La Digue Island, Seychelles


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La Digue is one of the most beautiful islands in Seychelles that is worth exploring for a full 2-3 days. In this post, I will share the most beautiful beaches on La Digue, how to get there, and provide photos.

At the end of the article, there will be my brief comments on accommodation on the island and tips for leisure.

Now, without further ado, let’s move on to the best beaches of La Digue!

Seychelles, La Digue map
Seychelles, La Digue map

Top 9 Beaches on La Digue

Of course, one can say that the criteria for the best beaches vary for everyone. Some prefer beaches with comfortable swimming and easy accessibility. Others value external beauty. Some opt for rocks around, inaccessibility, and little adventures, solitude, and the opportunity to be a Robinson Crusoe.

I’ve taken all preferences into account, especially since I love diversity. La Digue is a very small island, but it has everything mentioned.

To make planning easier, I’m providing a map on which I marked the best beaches.

Anse Source D’Argent

Beach number one, without a doubt. I think practically everyone has seen postcards with those epic granite boulders on flour-white sand against the backdrop of the turquoise ocean. This is Anse Source D’Argent – the most photographed beach in the world. It consistently ranks among the top most beautiful beaches globally. I believe it’s well-deserved. It’s on this beach that I first flew a drone, a gift from my wife.

Seychelles, La Dique
Seychelles, La Dique

What makes this beach unique are the granite formations. Right off the shore begins a lagoon protected by a coral reef, making the beach safe for swimming. It’s a bit shallow, but the beauty is worth it. It’s best to swim during high tide. The beach is located on the grounds of the historical estate of L’Union, so access requires payment of 115 Seychellois Rupees, approximately 9 US dollars.

Anse Marron

Anse Marron occupies the southernmost tip of La Digue. It’s referred to as the most Instagrammable beach. Getting to the beach is already a little adventure. Due to its relative inaccessibility, there are not many tourists here. In terms of beauty, this beach is not much inferior to the well-known Anse Source D’Argent, perhaps only in size.

Seychelles, La Dique
Seychelles, La Dique

You can get to this beach on your own. It’s advisable to do so during low tide; otherwise, you might get lost. If you’re not confident, it’s worth taking a guide, which you can arrange at the hotel or ask the guesthouse owner. You can also book a guide on the viator.com website.

Grand Anse (Grand Anse)

If you love a classic elongated beach in an oval bay with turquoise water, white sand, and coconut palms, then head to Grand Anse. This beach is perfect for swimming. If there’s shorebreak, swim cautiously and avoid going too far out. You can easily spend at least half a day here if you enjoy beach relaxation. Bring water or your preferred beverages!

Seychelles holiday

Grand Anse is located on the southeast of La Digue Island. Getting there is straightforward: first by bicycle, then on foot. Leave your bike in the parking lot; it’s safe to do so on La Digue.

Anse Cocos (Anse Cocos)

Anse Cocos is another top beach on La Digue, offering yet another small adventure. To reach it, you need to traverse a pedestrian trail through the jungle between the rocks. Approximately 15 minutes from the previous Grand Anse beach, the trail is straightforward, winding up and down. It’s accessible without guides, and the load is light.

Seychelles, La Digue
Seychelles, La Digue

Anse Cocos is also considered one of the secluded beaches. There are practically no people here. Local chilled coconuts are sold at the entrance to the beach – coconut water is an excellent refreshment in the hot climate. On the north side of the beach, there’s a small natural pool – a bay surrounded by granite boulders.

Petite Anse (Petite Anse)

Literally squeezed between Grand Anse and Anse Cocos is another charming tiny beach. “Petit” in French means “small.” On the beach, there’s a small stall with fruits and drinks, serving as a beach bar. Everything is very fresh and incredibly tasty.

Seychelles holiday

The water on the beach is of the classic postcard turquoise color, with white sand on the shore separating it from the tropical vegetation just behind the beach. You can also reach this beach on the way from Grand Anse to Anse Cocos. These three beaches – Grand Anse, Anse Cocos, and Petite Anse – can be planned for a single excursion. Plan for approximately half a day.

Anse Songe

Another less obvious beach for the mass tourist. It is located near Grand Anse, and you need to walk about 30 minutes along a rocky path to the right of the bicycle parking. This path is part of the trail that leads to Anse Marron, as mentioned at the beginning of my guide.

Seychelles holiday

No guide is needed for this beach – it’s worth going for the views of the ocean and granite formations. The beach itself is also small and very picturesque. The sand is finer than at Grand Anse, and it’s possible and worth snorkeling.

Anse Pierrot

Anse Pierrot is also known as Robinson Crusoe Beach. It is located on the south of the island, near the famous Anse Source D’Argent.

As the name suggests, the beach is inaccessible. You can reach it only by water, during low tide or by boat. On both sides, the beach is securely fenced with massive boulders, which are impossible to pass. Walking through the water is possible during low tide, but you need to carefully calculate the hiking time. If the tide starts, you’ll have to spend the night on the beach.

Fortunately, you can rent a kayak and go to the beach by kayak. You can rent a kayak right on Anse Source D’Argent beach or buy a tour with Crystal Kayaks. The kayak will have a transparent bottom, which looks very cool.

Anse Banane

One of the few beaches on the north of the island that made it to the list. Anse Banane is easily accessible by bike along the coastal road. It’s a beautiful small beach with a restaurant and a beach bar where you can enjoy local Seybrew beer at sunset.

Seychelles, La Digue
Seychelles, La Digue

Anse Patates

A very photogenic and easily accessible beach on the north of La Digue. Near this beach, there are several cool villas with panoramic terraces. The beach is right next to the only road that skirts the island’s coastline. Huge boulders on the beach divide it into several small secluded spots where you can spend a pleasant time. Swimming is not very convenient due to stones and shallow water, but it looks very beautiful from above.

Seychelles, La Digue
Seychelles, La Digue

How to Get to La Digue

Including La Digue in your Seychelles vacation is worthwhile. It is one of the three most visited islands along with Mahe and Praslin.

Getting to the island is straightforward: buy a ticket for the fast Cat Cocos ferry, which departs from Mahe Island. The ticket costs approximately 72 euros. The travel time is about 1 hour and 45 minutes with a short stop at Praslin Island.

If you are staying on Praslin Island, you can reach La Digue by Cat Rose ferry in 30 minutes. The ticket costs 30 euros.

30 kg of luggage is included in the ticket price.

Tips for Organizing Leisure on La Digue

It’s worth reading if you’re heading to the Seychelles and La Digue, in particular, for the first time.

There are no cars on La Digue, only a few service jeeps and electric carts for guests. So, the best way to explore the island is by bike.

You can rent a bike where you stay. The standard rental price is 100 rupees per day, approximately 7.5 US dollars or 8 euros. You can reach any point on the island by bike in 15-30 minutes.

Get traveler’s insurance, even if you are confident. Seychelles is safe, but some hiking trails involve a small risk. So, it’s wise to buy insurance – it’s a small expense that can solve many problems if needed.

All beaches in the Seychelles are free. Except for one – Anse Source D’Argent, and there you pay not for the beach but for access to the territory of the historical estate L’Union Estate.

Beach bars on La Digue are bamboo structures covered with palm leaves. Selling drinks and fruits is one of the main activities of locals. Everything is very fresh and tasty, and at the same time, you support the locals.

Where to Stay on La Digue

La Digue is a small island, but there are plenty of accommodation options. Accommodations range from budget guesthouses for budget travelers to luxurious luxury resorts.

Briefly about the best places to stay on La Digue

Best hotel on La Digue according to tourist reviews: Le Nautique

Luxurious hotel on La Digue: Le Domaine de L’Orangeraie

Historical castle hotel: Chateau St Cloud

Best budget self-catering option: Cocotier du Roche

For more details on where to stay on La Digue, read the article “La Digue, Seychelles – Where to Stay, Best Areas on the Island.”

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