Greece Actively Invites Digital Nomads to Move to the Country


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Over the past few years, many sunny destinations around the world have witnessed an increase in the number of digital nomads due to the shift of many people to remote work.

Greece, known for its ancient history, paradise islands, and coastal cities, actively invites nomads to relocate to the country.

Digital Nomad Visa in Greece

Last year, Greece launched the Digital Nomad Visa, which allows nomads from outside of Europe to move to the country. This visa permits a stay in Greece for more than 90 days, provided that the visa is valid and there are no restrictions from the Schengen Zone. However, proof of financial stability at a level of up to 3,500 euros per month is required.

Cost of Living and Rental Housing

Despite high prices on the islands, the cost of living on the mainland is lower, and affordable housing and workspaces can be found. Greece attracts numerous American nomads and has become one of the popular destinations for remote work.

Athens has relatively low living costs. The average monthly expenses for one person in the capital are estimated at $864.70 without rent, which is, on average, 23.8% cheaper than in Paris, another popular destination for nomads.

Rental housing in Athens can also be up to 60.8% cheaper than in Northwestern Europe, and nomads can find excellent long-term rental offers, starting from 250 euros for a studio away from the city center and up to 650 euros for a conveniently located apartment in the city center.

Nationalities of Nomads in Greece

Ukrainians are choosing mass emigration to Greece based on the Digital Nomad Visa during the ongoing war, while Americans are the second most popular nationality seeking residency on this basis, followed by Britons, Israelis, Brazilians, and Lebanese.


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