Who among Europeans spends the most on hotel accommodations?


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Eurostat compiled statistics on expenditures for hotel stays across EU countries for the year 2022. Who among Europeans spends the most on hotel accommodations? Both business trips and tourist stays were taken into account.

Luxembourg claimed the top spot, with the country’s residents spending an average of 175.20 euros per day on tourist accommodations. Following were Austria (153.7 euros) and Estonia (128.2 euros). Residents of the Czech Republic (46.30 euros), Greece (44.90 euros), and Poland (44.30 euros) spent less than 50 euros per night in hotels.

The average expenditure for a day’s stay in a hotel across EU countries was 87 euros.

The top-ten list of countries whose residents spend the most on hotel accommodations looks as follows:

  • Luxembourg – 175.20 euros per day
  • Austria – 153.7 euros per day
  • Estonia – 128.2 euros per day
  • Ireland – 124.2 euros per day
  • Malta – 123.1 euros per day
  • Cyprus – 120.1 euros per day
  • Sweden – 112.9 euros per day
  • Germany – 109.4 euros per day
  • Finland – 90.3 euros per day
  • Belgium – 89 euros per day

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