Traveling in Poland with Benefits: 1 Million Discounted Train Tickets Across the Country


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How to Travel Between Cities in Poland? This year, an increasing number of Poles and visitors to the country are choosing trains as their means of transportation, and the PKP Intercity company has transported over 50 million people by September.

To maintain this trend even after the summer season, the Polish PKP Intercity is offering a million tickets at promotional prices, starting at 19 złoty (4 Euros) per trip.

Where to Buy Discounted Train Tickets?

To make it more convenient to search for tickets on sale, the Promobilet search system has been created.

The promotion starts on October 1st, and the sale of discounted tickets will continue until the end of November 2023.

The system offers excellent deals from Przemysl to Krakow for just 19 złoty (4 Euros), from Przemysl to Warsaw or Wroclaw for 24 złoty (5 Euros).

You can travel from Chelm to Warsaw or from Krakow to Warsaw for only 19 złoty (4 Euros).

Many other routes are available – PKP Intercity trains operate between all major and many smaller cities in Poland, covering the entire country.

Trains to Poland from Ukraine

I would like to remind you that from Ukraine, you can reach the Polish cities of Chelm and Przemysl and start your route in Poland from these cities.

You can get from Chelm to Lublin for 9 złoty, and a ticket to Warsaw costs 19 złoty.

You can reach Krakow from Przemysl for 19 złoty.

Tickets for trains on the Przemysl – Warsaw and Przemysl – Wroclaw routes cost 24 złoty.

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