Choosing a power bank and why did I buy this model?


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Which power bank to choose and what did I ultimately settle on? Which brand of power bank is better? The main goal of purchasing such a device is not to notice the absence of electricity.

In addition to the fact that power outages are now possible more often than usual, I move a lot and work online, so there is never enough extra electrical power.

In addition to the power bank, I also bought a new charging station. I will also share a brief review of it. Which brand of power bank is better? I have no idea which power bank is better. Everyone has their own approach.

I chose from popular models, those that I know or have used before. It turned out to be Baseus, Xiaomi, Hoco, Samsung, and a couple more brands. The fact that the brand is popular already says that if a large number of people chose it, the product is worth buying.

I had several power banks, and until today, I have survived with the Baseus 10000, which I bought on a whim in Tbilisi several years ago. It still serves me — stylish, lightweight, capacious, and perfect to take on a walk, for example. I decided to stick with this brand and now need to determine the specifications.

powerbank Baseus
powerbank Baseus 10000

Out of curiosity, I read reviews about different models of Xiaomi, Hoco, Samsung with the capacity I needed and became even more convinced of my choice. In the end, I chose Baseus 20000. The full name, for those interested, is Baseus Bipow 20000 mAh 20W Digital Display Black.

The price was not of great importance, but I didn’t want to overpay. I bought a budget model for 30 euros.

As for the specifications, I was interested in such moments:

  • Battery capacity from 20000 mAh
  • Weight (understandably, it will be heavier than a less capacious device, but I also didn’t want to carry a brick in my pocket)
  • The ability to charge at least two devices, including through Type-C
  • Quality of materials, design, ergonomics, presence of a display
  • Reliability

All this was in the chosen model Baseus Bipow 20000.

powerbank Baseus 20000
powerbank Baseus 20000

What do I charge?

My wife’s Apple Watch smartwatch, my wife’s MacBook, my fitness bracelet, two phones, and a USB-powered light source. I use the device more as a home device and take it on the go. For short walks, I use the old Baseus 10000, as it is light and flat.

The device turned out to be predictably capacious — enough to charge my iPhone 12 five times and still have battery life left. You can simultaneously charge a MacBook and two phones. Convenient if you work outside the home or there is no electricity.

powerbank Baseus 20000
powerbank Baseus 20000

Power bank charging

The power bank comes with a charging cable. The length of the cable is 30 cm, a bit short, but for now, I manage. It charges from 0 to 100% in about 10 hours. So, I leave it overnight — convenient.

There is a fast-charging function, for which a cable is needed — I haven’t bought it yet. If there is a need, I will buy a fast-charging cable via Type-C. “Fast” charging is 7 hours instead of 10. Well, that’s something.


Two USB outputs, one Type-C output/input, and one micro-USB input. Everything is the same as in my old Baseus 10000.

powerbank Baseus 20000
powerbank Baseus 20000


The power bank’s body is made of black matte plastic.

The front side has a more pleasant coating — microgrid. Scratches do not remain on the front panel.

The back side is made a little differently, and there are small scratches. I don’t know why they didn’t make the back panel the same as the front, maybe it’s cheaper, I don’t know.

powerbank Baseus 20000
powerbank Baseus 20000


An excellent device that copes with its functions and looks decent on the desktop. It holds a charge for a long time, capacious enough to charge several devices.

Suitable for home use, for example, as a light source that works only through a USB output.

The device weighs 450 g, so you can easily take it with you if you work outside the home or without a power source. I can recommend this device.

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