Best Countries for Digital Nomads at the End of the Year


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VisaGuide has named the best countries for digital nomads based on a unique ranking system.

The index is calculated using a formula that considers visa ease, income requirements for applying as a digital nomad, tax policies, internet speed, cost of living, global health indicators, and the country’s tourist attractiveness.

Spain was named the best country with an index of 4.5, followed by Argentina with an index of 3.72. Rounding out the top 3-5 positions are Romania, the United Arab Emirates, and Croatia.

The top 10 countries that became the best for digital nomads (minimum income for obtaining a visa / cost of living in Euro in parentheses) are:

  1. Spain (2140 / 673.7)
  2. Argentina (2500 / 418.5)
  3. Romania (3300 / 539.7)
  4. United Arab Emirates (5000 / 917)
  5. Croatia (2539.31 / 686.8)
  6. Portugal (3548 / 618)
  7. Uruguay (not required / 812.1)
  8. Malta (2700 / 781.4)
  9. Norway (2977 / 1098.9)
  10. Andorra (not required / 736.6)

The ranking includes a total of 38 countries, with the first twenty including favorites such as Mexico, Costa Rica, Montenegro, Czech Republic, Sri Lanka, and Estonia. You can view the complete ranking here.

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