Lviv from the top: Best View Points in the City


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Taking in the view of Lviv from above has become a tradition, and the list of places to do so keeps expanding. New terraces, viewing platforms, and overlooks on the city’s hillsides are being added to the well-forgotten old spots.

In this article, we’ve gathered all the best viewing points in Lviv, and the best part is that they are either free or the price of a cup of coffee, making them accessible to everyone.

Lviv City Hall (Ratusha)

The most famous viewing point in Lviv is located on the tower of the City Hall, right on the Market Square.

How to get there: Through the central entrance.

In the summer of 2021, access to the City Hall’s viewing platform was reopened.

Price: 50 UAH.

Lviv - Best view point in the city
Lviv – Best view point in the city

High Castle

The second most popular tourist spot is the High Castle. It’s a hill not far from Lviv’s center with a panoramic view of the city.

There is no castle here anymore – it’s now a park with walking paths and a view of the city. At the top, just below the viewing point, you’ll find Lviv’s TV tower, which is beautifully illuminated in the evenings.

How to get there: It’s a 15-20 minute walk uphill from the city center along Zamkova Street, then along one of the pedestrian trails. There are signs along the way.

Price: Free.

Lviv - Best view point in the city
Lviv – Best view point in the city

Heroes of the “Nebesna Sotnya” Monument

A relatively new addition to Lviv, built in 2019 in honor of those who gave their lives for Ukraine’s freedom.

Near the monument, there are three viewing points with views of a part of the old town – offering interesting angles.

How to get there: Via Podvalna Street, which is on the way to the High Castle. You can combine both locations. It’s a 7-minute walk from Market Square in the city center.

On weekends, there are a lot of people after 11 AM. It’s better to visit in the morning or on weekdays.

Address: 6 Podvalna Street.

Price: Free

Lviv - Best view point in the city
Lviv – Best view point in the city

Lion’s Mountain (Bald Mountain)

Near the High Castle, there’s another hill that locals call a mountain. Few tourists know about it, but it offers a fantastic view of the city, and the best part is that it’s a relatively untouched natural spot with few visitors.

The summit of the mountain resembles a lion, hence the name.

Best time to visit: Before sunset and be sure to bring coffee or white wine – the atmosphere is perfect.

How to get there: Entrance to Lion’s Mountain is from Maxim Krivonos Street. It’s a leisurely 20-30 minute walk from the city center.

Price: Free

Lviv - Best view point in the city
Lviv – Best view point in the city

Saint Olha and Elizabeth Cathedral

In Lviv, this cathedral is also known as St. Elizabeth’s. It stood abandoned for a long time, even with broken windows and crows. I remember it well from my student days.

Very few people visit this cathedral even today because it’s somewhat removed from the city center, not far from the train station.

It’s an underrated spot, and it’s a shame. From here, you get one of the best views of the city. In the foreground, you have the majestic and beautiful St. George’s Cathedral, behind it is the TV tower on High Castle, and in the foreground are the gothic spires of the cathedral. It’s an incredibly impressive sight.

The viewing platform is in the central tower of St. Elizabeth’s Cathedral. The platform is open, but this year they’ve added a mesh with openings for taking photos, which doesn’t obstruct the view of the city.

How to get there: Walk through Ivan Franko Park, then past St. George’s Cathedral and the Polytechnic Institute – it’s a maximum of 30 minutes on foot from the city center.

Go inside the cathedral, and slightly to the left, you’ll find a man selling tickets to the viewing platform. It’s a climb up an internal spiral staircase – it’s quite high, about 5-7 minutes of walking, but it’s worth it.

Address: 1 Kropyvnytskoho Street.

Price: 25 UAH

Lviv - Best view point in the city
Lviv – Best view point in the city

Restaurant 36Po

This is also a relatively new spot in Lviv, located on Market Square. Restaurant 36Po opened in 2018. It has three open terraces with views of Market Square (the main photo in the article) and the other side of the city, including High Castle.

To get there, take the elevator to the 5th floor, to the upper terrace on the side opposite Market Square.

Go either in the morning, and you can have breakfast, or in the evening just before sunset when you can enjoy the breathtaking views illuminated by the setting sun and city lights. Typically, come about 30 minutes before sunset.

You can also have dinner here – they serve delicious food. Besides the upper terrace, there are other terraces with views of Market Square and a terrace slightly below the first one – it’s cozy, but the views are better on the 5th floor.

Address: 36 Market Square

Lviv - Best view point in the city
Lviv – Best view point in the city


Another hill in the center of Lviv that was abandoned for a long time, but now it’s been brought to life by the luxurious 5-star Citadel Hotel.

By the way, as a hotel, this place is also interesting, but we’re interested in the café on the 3rd floor with an open summer terrace. It’s open until late autumn, and you can simply go out and have a coffee.

How to get there: On foot, take Kopernika Street to the very top, then turn left onto Hrabovskoho Street and follow the signs to the hotel.

Go inside the hotel and tell the reception that you want to have coffee on the terrace – take the elevator to the 3rd floor. Everyone is very friendly, so don’t be intimidated by the hotel’s 5-star status. They let everyone in, but it’s best not to look like a “bum” and not rush upstairs with bulky backpacks – respect the guests.

Price: Free view of the city, coffee costs 50 UAH ($1.8), which is the average price for coffee in Lviv.

Lviv - Best view point in the city
Lviv – Best view point in the city

Cafe “7 Nebo” in the Roksolana Shopping Center

Attention! This is the best view of the city with the opportunity to have coffee and a meal at reasonable prices. It’s an excellent place for breakfast on the terrace.

The panoramic view of Lviv is stunning, and you feel like you have the city in the palm of your hand due to its strategic location. On weekends, it’s better to reserve a table. We visited on a weekday in October, and it was practically empty, with just a few people.

How to get there: Enter the main entrance of the Roksolana Shopping Center and take the elevator to the top floor. You’ll be greeted by a hostess who will take you to the open terrace.

Plan to go in the morning on a nice day with light clouds. The views are incredible!

Address: 4 Soborna Square (in the city center near Halytskyi Market).

Lviv - Best view point in the city
Lviv – Best view point in the city

Terrazza – Terrace Restaurant

A cozy and upscale Italian restaurant with a view of the city. The terrace is enclosed by glass, but the views of Lviv are still worth it, especially in the evening before sunset. It’s a place to come for dinner – they serve delicious food. You can simply enjoy the view of the city from elsewhere.

How to get there: The restaurant is on the 7th floor of the Saint Feder Boutique Hotel, not far from the Lviv Opera House, near the Puppet Theatre.

Address: 3 Zvenyhorodska Square.

Lviv - Best view point in the city
Lviv – Best view point in the city

Dnister Panorama Bar

A panoramic café in the Dnister Hotel – another great place for morning coffee or an evening drink with a view of Lviv.

It’s located above Ivan Franko Park, a 15-minute walk from the city center through the park. Take the elevator to the Panorama Bar, and if you have any questions, the reception will assist you.

Address: 6 Mateyka Street

Lviv - Best view point in the city
Lviv – Best view point in the city

Where to Stay in Lviv

When it comes to accommodation in Lviv, it’s best to stay in the city center – in this case, you won’t need transportation. Prices in the old part of the city are quite reasonable, starting at 15 Euros for a room for two in modest apartments or hostels. There are also luxurious apartments or hotel rooms available for 50-100 Euros for two. Just for comparison, Lviv is more budget-friendly than Odessa, which I also love for everything except the prices.

We usually prefer mid-range options in terms of price – typically, 30-50 Euros per day for two people.

We typically search for hotels, apartments, and hostels on – Lviv has around 3000 accommodation options.

Where to Buy Train Tickets

You can do this online on the “Ukrzaliznytsia” website, and it’s better not to delay. There are plenty of trains, and the demand is high. Enter your dates, and you’ll immediately get all the available travel options. Prices are listed without additional fees or currency conversions.


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