How to Save on Car Rental: Tips and Advice


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Car rental is the tool that makes your journey truly enriching, giving you the opportunity to plan your route independently without relying on tour agencies and bus schedules. After all, you know that the most interesting places are often beyond the bus routes.

A car is not just freedom; it’s also storage for your luggage, shelter from rain and heat, a mobile dining spot, and a source of electricity on the road.

Here, I’ll tell you how to avoid mistakes when renting and not overpay. I’ll keep it short and to the point, just the way we like it.

Choosing the Rental Location

Renting a car right after landing is incredibly convenient. However, it’s often more expensive than renting from a rental office. This is because of the additional fees that rental companies pay at the airport.

So, if you want to save, avoid airports. Airport rentals are pricier due to additional charges. Opt for rentals outside the airport, such as in a city office. Often, it’s easier to take an Uber to a city office and pick up your car there instead of getting it directly at the airport.

Getting Discounts and Cashback

Before your trip, explore the options of credit cards. Many banks offer travel-themed cards with various programs that can be beneficial for you.

Make use of credit card privileges. Some cards provide insurance and rental discounts.

Booking the Car in Advance

Most tourists book a car at the last minute or, at best, a month or two in advance. This is often peak time, and the availability of cars will be limited. As a result, prices will be high.

Book in advance! Booking your car rental early will help you avoid high prices. This rule always works.

Fuel and Other Tips

Rental companies often request that you return the car with a full tank of gas. This means you take the car with a full tank and should return it the same way. If you return the car with an empty or partially empty tank, you’ll be charged the maximum fuel price. Additionally, the tank’s capacity will not be in your favor.

Remember that after filling up to a full tank, you can drive at least another 30 kilometers, and the gauge will still show that the tank is full.

Don’t prepay for fuel! Refuel the car before returning it to avoid high fuel charges.

Compare Rates and Cars!

Today, there are many websites that compare rental prices. This is always more advantageous than booking directly with a large international rental company.

Even cheaper, without compromising quality, is booking on aggregator websites that bring together many local car owners.

Car Rental Recommendations:

LocalRent – an aggregator website that has performed excellently in countries such as Cyprus, Georgia, Albania, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Turkey, Spain, Thailand, and others.

RentalCars – a car rental search engine for all countries worldwide. I use it in countries not represented on LocalRent.


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