Ukrainian Passport to Travel abroad in 2023: Where to Apply


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Where can Ukrainian citizens apply for a new international passport? How much does the procedure cost, and how long does it take to obtain a new international passport? Is it possible to obtain a new international passport abroad, and where?

Where to Apply for a Foreign Passport in Ukraine?

Currently, three organizations are responsible for issuing foreign passports for Ukrainian citizens:

  • State Migration Service of Ukraine

You can schedule an appointment for document submission for an international passport online on their official website.

  • Administrative Services Center (ЦНАП – Центр надання адміністративних послуг)

You can make an appointment for submission on their official website, where you can also find all the necessary information regarding addresses and procedures.

  • State Enterprise “Document” (ДП “Документ”)

You can also schedule an appointment online. The company’s offices are located in major cities in Ukraine and abroad.

Де отримати закордонний паспорт України
New biometric Ukrainian passport

How Much Does it Cost to Obtain an International Passport?

The tariffs for obtaining an international passport are the same throughout Ukraine:

  • 856 UAH for processing within 20 working days.
  • 1496 UAH for expedited processing within 3 to 7 working days.

Obtaining a foreign passport through the State Enterprise “Document” is more expensive because it acts as an intermediary:

  • 1396 UAH for regular processing within 20 working days.
  • 2036 UAH for urgent processing within 3 to 7 working days.

How Much Does a Passport for a Child Cost?

The cost of an international passport for a child is the same as for an adult; there is no difference in price.

What is the Validity Period of the Ukrainian International Passport?

The validity period of the passport is determined as follows:

  • For adults: 10 years.
  • For children under 16 years old: 4 years.
  • Children aged 16 and older: 10 years.

Can You Keep Your Old Passport?

Ukrainian citizens are allowed to have two valid passports. If you already have one valid passport, you can obtain a second one. The previous international passport(s) should be returned or invalidated. It is recommended not to return international passports that have expired but still have valid visas or passports with a good history of visa travels. You can legally keep your old international passport, provided that it is invalidated. An additional fee may be required for the passport annulment procedure.

Can You Apply for a Ukrainian International Passport Abroad?

Yes, Ukrainian citizens can apply for an international passport abroad, including in Poland, Turkey, Slovakia, Germany, and the Czech Republic through the State Enterprise “Document.”

The processing times for international passports in these countries may be longer than in Ukraine and are set individually for each country. According to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Resolution No. 678 of June 10, 2022, the processing time for international passports should not exceed 3 months from the date of the decision to issue the passport.

Regular and expedited passport processing options are also available abroad. State Enterprise “Document” charges an additional fee for passport processing; for example, in Poland, it is 375 zlotys per passport.


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