Venice is planning to charge an entry fee, at least during peak days


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Venice is planning to charge an entry fee, at least during peak days, starting from spring 2024.

If you’re planning a trip to Venice, be prepared to pay 5 euros for entry into the city on peak days, as reported by CNN.

So, the authorities of Venice, Italy, have revealed their intentions regarding how much tourists should pay if they don’t plan to stay overnight in the city.

Initially, this experiment will last for 30 days. The fee will only apply to visits to Venice during so-called peak days, rather than throughout the entire year. “Peak” days include holidays, carnivals, or high tourist seasons. All travelers aged 14 and above will be required to pay an entry fee during these times.

Local residents, property owners, or participants in specific events will have certain exemptions. They will need to register online for these privileges.

The main goal of this tourist fee is to tackle “overtourism” during periods of high congestion. The authorities are trying to strike a balance between the interests of those who live, work, and study in Venice and those who visit the city.

Discussions about introducing a tax for “day-trippers” have been ongoing since 2019.

In my opinion, the trend seems to be that eventually, tourists will have to pay throughout the entire year, and the amount won’t deter most visitors. So, in practice, the fight against excessive tourism might look like a straightforward way to generate revenue from the tourist influx.

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