Turkey introduces new rules for renting tourist accommodation


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In Turkey, it will soon no longer be possible to simply rent out your apartments to tourists.

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism in Turkey is preparing to introduce new rules for those who rent out their properties.

Violators of the new rules will be fined. The fine amount can go up to 1 million Turkish lira, which is approximately 34,000 euros.

The Ministry is considering regulations that require property owners to display a sign on the doors of their homes indicating that it is intended for short-term rentals.

Those who wish to rent out their homes will need to obtain the consent of all residents in the building and a license from the ministry. They have started with those who already rent out their homes and apartments through the Airbnb app and plan to complete the regulation of this market by the end of the current year.

Once the rules are formulated, they will be sent to parliament for approval.

Key provisions for those renting out their properties

If you want to rent out your property to tourists for a short period, you will need to:

⇒ Obtain permission from all neighbors in the building!

Without permission or in the case of disagreement from even one tenant, you will not be able to rent out your property for a short term.

⇒ Obtain a license!

You will need to obtain a license for “tourist accommodation for short-term rentals” from the Ministry of Tourism.

⇒ Provide information about those renting your property!

According to this rule, for safety purposes, you will need to provide information about the identity of the renters and the duration of their stay.

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  1. How would this law effect use by family members or friends staying at the property as non paying guests, visiting the with the owners or staying while owners are away?


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