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How to get from Krakow to Warsaw and other Polish cities? How much does it cost? What is the cheapest way, and which one is the most optimal and convenient?

Krakow and Warsaw are the main tourist cities in Poland. Getting from one city to another is easy and affordable. You can also easily reach them from Ukraine by train or bus.

Many people are interested in these cities because they are home to the diplomatic representations of the United States. In Warsaw, you can find the U.S. Embassy, while in Krakow, there is the U.S. Consulate General.

Getting from Krakow to Warsaw and Back

You don’t necessarily need to travel to Poland by car as the country has a well-developed public transportation system. So even car enthusiasts like us can easily get around without a car.

Let’s explore the ways, other than by car, to travel from Krakow to Warsaw.

By Train:

Trains are the way to go, my friend. They’re fast, comfy, and won’t break the bank. You can catch one every hour from Kraków Główny, right in the city center, and it’ll drop you off at Warszawa Centralna, basically next to the Palace of Culture and Science. Super convenient! Tickets cost around 125zł (36€) each way, and the journey takes about 2.5-3 hours. Grab your tickets at the train station or book them in advance on the PKP train portal. Easy peasy!

By Coach:

If you’re on a tight budget, consider taking a coach. They leave every half hour from Dworzec Autobusowy in Kraków, right near the train station. Prices vary, but it’s usually less than 32zł (9€) each way. Coaches are comfy, but the downside is they take longer, around 4.5 hours. Check out services like 12go for prices and schedules.

By Flight:

Flying sounds fancy, right? But it might not be the quickest or cheapest option. There are several daily flights from John Paul II and Katowice airports to Warsaw. However, you’ve got factor in travel time to and from the airports and waiting around.

Polish airline LOT offers up to seven direct flights a day from John Paul II International to Warsaw Chopin International, and three from Katowice Airport.

One-way flights are roughly 160zł (35€) and take about an hour, but with all the airport stuff, it could take around 4 hours in total.

Check 12go for flight times and prices. Pro tip: Consider a private transfer to and from the airports for convenience.

Gdansk, Poland
Gdansk, Poland

Other Polish Cities to Explore

While you’re in Kraków, don’t miss the chance to explore other cool Polish cities too! You can reach all these places by car or by train with PKP Intercity or by bus.

Here are some most interesting cities:

  • Białystok: Lively cultural scene, close to Białowieski National Park.
  • Gdańsk: Awesome coastal city with great food.
  • Gdynia: Sandy beaches and a nice day trip from Gdańsk.
  • Katowice: A post-industrial city with modern architecture.
  • Łódź: A creative city with murals and street art.
  • Lublin: Rich Jewish heritage and medieval streets.
  • Olsztyn: Pretty Old Town and beautiful countryside.
  • Poznań: Youthful with a lively nightlife and historical sites.
  • Sopot: A rich people’s playground with sandy beaches.
  • Szczecin: Off the beaten track with a pretty Old Town.
  • Toruń: UNESCO World Heritage Site with a calm vibe.
  • Wrocław: Charming city with Gothic architecture.
  • Zakopane: Outdoor capital in the High Tatra mountains.

So, whether you’re choo-chooing on a train, cruising on a coach, or soaring in the skies, get ready to explore Poland and all its awesomeness! Enjoy your trip!

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