How Long Can You Stay in Mexico as a Tourist


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What is the allowed duration of stay in Mexico if you’ve come for tourist purposes? How long can you stay in Mexico without obtaining additional documents and without violating local laws? Can you extend your tourist visa while in Mexico?

Visa to Mexico for Ukrainian Citizens

Ukrainians can obtain an electronic permit for a single entry into Mexico. After filling out a simple form, you will receive the entry permit via email. If you have a valid visa to the United States or permanent residency in a Schengen Agreement country, you may not need to obtain the electronic permit.

How Long You Can Stay in Mexico

Upon arrival in Mexico, the immigration officer will grant you an allowed duration of stay in the country, typically 180 days. The duration may be shorter at the discretion of the officer. Usually, it’s 180 days. Regardless of what you indicated in the form for obtaining the electronic permit, you can stay in Mexico for up to six months without violating immigration laws.

Due to the war, Ukrainian citizens can stay in Mexico beyond the period specified in their passport when crossing the Mexican border. This means that if you were granted 180 days in your passport, and you are a Ukrainian citizen, you can stay in Mexico for longer than six months without consequences. You can also exit and re-enter Mexican territory.

The Mexican government has not established any official programs for refugees from Ukraine. However, as of today, Mexico regards all Ukrainian citizens as refugees from the war and allows them to stay in the country indefinitely.

It’s sufficient to always carry your passport and present it when necessary. There should be no issues – this has been verified by our people in Mexico. Everyone is very friendly and predictable.

Currently, it’s not mandatory to obtain permanent residency in Mexico to stay there for an extended period, and there are no special programs similar to those available to Ukrainians in the European Union.

Other Documents Needed When Entering Mexico

Before departure, you need to fill out a medical declaration called “CUESTIONARIO DE IDENTIFICACIÓN DE FACTORES DE RIESGO EN VIAJEROS.” The form can be completed online on the website A COVID-19 test and vaccination certificate are NOT required.

You need a return ticket to any country. You can find and purchase flights to Mexico on this website.

You need a hotel reservation in Mexico. A booking from is sufficient.

Cash equivalent to 50 US dollars per day may be requested for verification, or a bank card statement.

The immigration officer at the border usually asks about the purpose of your visit, where you will be staying, and how long you plan to stay. Be prepared to confidently and clearly answer and provide the names of the hotels where you will be staying.

Tourists are rarely detained at the border. The main reason for denial of entry is suspicion of further immigration to the United States.

It’s important to have insurance for the entire planned period of your stay in Mexico. You may be asked to show it.

You can purchase insurance on – they offer a good selection of insurance companies and products with clear prices.

You can learn about the rules of stay for Ukrainians in Mexico here.

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