How to Get to Warsaw from Ukraine


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Hello, friends! An excellent way to reach Warsaw Chopin Airport! In September, Ukrzaliznytsia launched a convenient train that will help you get to this airport for morning flights.

I’d like to remind you that you can buy train tickets in advance. Tickets go on sale exactly 20 days before the train departure.

This new train with the number 119/120 departs from Kyiv at 06:28 and arrives in Helm at 17:27. There are only compartment cars, so you can expect a comfortable journey.

After arriving in Helm, you will need to transfer to the Polish train IC21100, which departs at 18:08 and will take you to Warsaw at 21:02 at Warszawa Wschodnia station.

From Warsaw, you can reach Warsaw Chopin Airport by commuter train. It departs at 21:47 and 22:33 through Warszawa Wschodnia station, and you’ll be there in just half an hour.

The prices are pleasant too: a ticket for the commuter train from Koleje Mazowieckie costs only 7.8 zlotys. To reach the airport on city commuter train S2, you’ll need tickets for Warsaw’s public transport for 75 minutes, which cost 4.4 zlotys.

This route is perfect for those flying out of Warsaw early in the morning. You can arrive at the airport in advance and comfortably wait for your flight registration.

Here’s a brief description of the route from Kyiv to Warsaw Chopin Airport:

  • Train 119: Kyiv 06:28 → Helm 17:27
  • Train IC21100: Helm 18:08 → Warsaw (Warszawa Wschodnia) 21:02

Connection train to the airport: Warszawa Wschodnia 21:47 → Warsaw Chopin Airport 22:13

Don’t forget!

  • buy an air ticket
  • purchase insurance
  • book accommodation for the trip
  • rent a car

Have a great trip!

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