Four Car Routes from Kyiv to Bukovel


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How to Get to Bukovel? There are several car travel options to get to Bukovel from Kyiv, and today it’s the fastest way to reach the most popular ski resort from the capital.

9-10-hour drive is a pretty good alternative to taking the train.

Rising Popularity of Car Routes

The popularity of car routes to Bukovel is growing in line with the approach of winter and the peak demand for holidays in the Carpathians, traditionally breaking all records.

Despite the availability of trains, the option of “loading skis into the car’s trunk, getting in, and driving” remains the most convenient way today. Moreover, try to get train tickets for the date you need.

Optimal Route to Bukovel from Kyiv

Today, at the end of 2023, the optimal route to Bukovel is:

Kyiv – Zhytomyr – Rivne – Lviv – Rohatyn – Ivano-Frankivsk – Bukovel


The route’s length is 750 km, slightly longer, but the quality is close to ideal. It has been tested multiple times at different times. For variety, you can return via “Option #3,” which is a good and the shortest route, but you won’t go faster than 100 km/h.

Three More Kyiv-Bukovel Routes

Below, three more route options that we’ve used in the past are presented. Currently, you can use them for variety or for other reasons, as circumstances may vary.

Option 1

Kyiv – Zhytomyr – Rivne – Dubno – Kremenets – Ternopil – Buchach – Nadvirna – Yaremche – Polyanytsia


The route’s length is approximately 700 km.

Comfortable travel time: 10 hours with two short stops.

Currently, this is the most popular route due to the comfortable road for most of the journey. You can also explore Kremenets and Dubno.

If you depart on a Friday evening, it’s very convenient to stay at the inexpensive, modern “Kremen” hotel in Kremenets, located at the entrance from Kyiv. The hotel’s coordinates are 50°7’8.19”N, 25°41’12.82”E.

We stay overnight, depart early on Saturday morning, and are skiing by noon.

Option 2

Kyiv – Zhytomyr – Rivne – Lviv – Stryi – Kalush – Ivano-Frankivsk – Bohorodchany – Yaremche – Polyanytsia


This route is preferred by those planning to combine skiing with a visit to Lviv.

The route’s length is approximately 820 km.

Comfortable travel time: 11 hours with two stops.

Option 3

Kyiv – Zhytomyr – Liubar – Yampil – Lanovtsi – Zbarazh – Ternopil (avoid) – Buchach – Nadvirna – Yaremche – Polyanytsia


This route is loved by experienced travelers for the minimal police presence on the roads and the shorter distance. However, you’ll have to deal with poor road sections after Zhytomyr.

The route’s length is approximately 630 km.

Comfortable travel time: 9 hours with two short stops.

A general rule for all routes: after Yaremche, you can reach Bukovel via either Yablunytsia or the village of Polyanytsia, and both roads have excellent quality.


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