Where to Stay on Koh Lipe, Thailand: Best Beaches and Hotel Recommendations


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Koh Lipe is an island in Thailand where tiny dimensions perfectly blend with the finest beach experiences. The turquoise waters and pristine white sands on the beaches of Koh Lipe create an idyllic setting.

Prices are higher compared to the mainland or popular destinations like Phuket or Samui, but still reasonable and currently lower than the Seychelles or Maldives.

Let’s explore which beach on Koh Lipe is ideal for your style of vacation—whether with children, seeking tranquility away from evening gatherings, looking for lively activities, opting for affordability, or desiring the most beautiful coastline.

Another characteristic of the tiny Koh Lipe is the vast variety of hotels presented in all parts of the island, catering to every type of traveler. This investigation will focus on bungalows, guesthouses on Lipe, as well as the districts and beaches where they are located.

Due to the distinctive features of each island beach and the diverse accommodation options, choosing lodging for your first visit to this island can be a challenging task.

Pack your bags, book a flight to Bangkok or Phuket, and select the best beach on Koh Lipe to stay.

I recommend reading the report about our trip to Koh Lipe, especially if you are visiting this island for the first time.

Koh Lipe, Thailand
Koh Lipe, Thailand

Pattaya Beach

Pattaya Beach is the most renowned location on Koh Lipe and rightfully one of the best places to stay for a vacation if you want to be close to the general buzz and piers where speedboats arrive.

This beach offers an enormous variety of accommodation for different budgets, ranging from budget-friendly backpacker spots to luxurious resorts for a high-quality beach holiday. The uniqueness of Pattaya Beach lies in its white sand and extended shoreline; swimming is not allowed until after noon due to low tide.

During the day, it gets lively with constant activity from arriving ferries and speedboats. Pattaya Beach is where the island’s main pedestrian street, Walking Street, emerges, along which most of the nightlife unfolds.

In the northern part of Pattaya Beach, you’ll find many cool beach bars and nightclubs, while the southern part is a quiet and beautiful spot for swimming and beach relaxation.

Koh Lipe, Thailand
Koh Lipe, Thailand

Best Hotels and Apartments on Pattaya Beach:

Luxury Retreat: Ananya Lipe Resort 4* — one of the best hotels on Koh Lipe with a pool and an excellent seafront location, including a fantastic breakfast included in the price.

Best Beach Resort: Bundhaya Villas — an ideal choice for beach relaxation, with bungalows located in the northern part of Pattaya Beach. I consider this the perfect location for a beach-focused stay. The bungalow rooms are cozy and beautiful.

Best Apartments: Lipe Banyan Apartments — located approximately 150 meters from the beach. The price-quality ratio is ideal, making it one of the best accommodation options on Koh Lipe.

Walking Street

Walking Street has long become a legend of Koh Lipe and is a must-visit for everyone on the island, regardless of your preferences and budget. It serves as both a promenade and a shopping street, hosting the best restaurants, bars, and disco clubs.

Stretching from Sunrise Beach on the east of the island to Pattaya Beach on the southwest, Walking Street offers a variety of affordable hotels, guesthouses, and hostels for backpackers. Given its central location, it is an ideal place for budget travelers. If budget and lively atmosphere are your priorities, confidently choose accommodation here.

Koh Lipe, Thailand
Koh Lipe, Thailand

Best Hotels and Hostels on Walking Street:

Top Hotel: The Reef Hotel & Studios 3*—a pleasant and affordable hotel on Koh Lipe. Stylish accommodation at a reasonable price, including breakfast.

The Chic Lipe — a hostel with an excellent price-quality ratio, clean, cozy, convenient in terms of location and comfort.

Bloom Cafe & Hostel — comfortable rooms and a café on-site, making it one of the best hostels on Koh Lipe.

Sunrise Beach

I consider Sunrise Beach a competitor to Pattaya Beach and one of the two most beautiful beaches on the island. This location is suitable for beach relaxation and is away from the bustling crowd of Pattaya Beach and Walking Street.

Stretching for 2 km, this beach with white sand and a beautiful coastline is situated on the east side of the island. Coral reefs are nearby, making it an excellent spot for snorkeling or diving enthusiasts.

There are several excellent cafes and bars on the beach that open closer to sunset. Diving schools and some outstanding hotels for beach and active recreation are also available.

Sunrise Beach offers the optimal blend of tranquility and evening entertainment in bars, with excellent swimming conditions and opportunities for active leisure. It takes about 15–20 minutes to walk to lively Walking Street along the shore.

Koh Lipe, Thailand
Koh Lipe, Thailand

Best Hotels on Sunrise Beach:

Ten Moons Lipe Resort – a small and cozy hotel by the sea. I consider it a real gem, so booking should be done a couple of months in advance, at least.

Serendipity Beach Resort – a resort hotel perfect for a vacation in a paradise location. It is right by the sea, with a cool coral reef nearby for snorkeling.

Idyllic Concept Resort 4* — a luxurious hotel with a pool and stylish rooms overlooking an excellent beach with white sand.

North Point Beach

North Point Beach, also known as Karma Beach, is located on the convex tip of the island’s north, forming a very picturesque sandy spit at the end. Aesthetically, this is the most beautiful place on the island and often appears in photos and postcards from Koh Lipe.

Even if you don’t stay here, it’s worth coming for the view and sunset visa. In the evening, quite a few people gather here, sitting and watching the sun dip into the water.

The beach is suitable for those who appreciate active recreation, love swimming, and prefer a quiet atmosphere for beach relaxation. One unique feature is that you can swim here even during low tide.

You can always walk to the lively Walking Street in about 30–40 minutes; the island is small.

On this beach, you can also arrange excursions to neighboring islands with local boatmen. The price depends on the duration of the boat rental.

To reach North Point Beach, also known as Karma Beach, you can walk along Sunrise Beach; they are located about 10 minutes’ walk from each other.

This beach is ideal for those who love a peaceful vacation in comfort, away from the tourist hustle and bustle. There are several excellent hotels and bars for relaxation.

Koh Lipe, Thailand
Koh Lipe, Thailand

Best Hotels and Villas on North Point Beach:

Mountain Resort Koh Lipe — the hotel consists of numerous bungalows with a breathtaking view of the sea and the sandy spit. To reach the sea, you simply need to descend the steps. All bungalows are elevated, providing views of the sea and Karma Beach. This hotel offers the best breakfasts among all the hotels on this beach—abundant exotic fruits, a variety of dishes, and beverages.

Bulow Casa Grand View — located directly on the beach, featuring beautiful rooms, with a more modest breakfast compared to Mountain Resort. Among its advantages are beautiful villas and a pool.

Zodiac Seesun Resort — another fantastic resort right on the beach, with comfortable loungers by the sea. Suitable for anyone who values genuine quality beach relaxation.

Sunset Beach

This beach can confidently be called a secret beach. There are only a few accommodation options here, making it suitable for those who appreciate a non-classic beach atmosphere and want to experience a bit of Robinson Crusoe’s world. The beach feels less manicured compared to others. There are no cafes and bars directly on the beach, although they are not far away considering the size of Koh Lipe.

It’s quiet on this beach all day, except for a couple of hours at sunset when a large crowd gathers to bid farewell to another day. The beach is ideal for those who love solitude and want to stay away from all the main resorts and beach areas on Koh Lipe.

Most accommodation options on this beach are modest and suitable for those who value budget stays and want to be away from the tourist hustle and bustle.

Koh Lipe, Thailand
Koh Lipe, Thailand

Best Accommodations on Sunset Beach:

Bayview Hill Resort — very simple and charming bungalows by the sea right on the beach in a romantic atmosphere.

Bayview Sunset — wooden bungalows in Thai style with a beautiful view from the terrace.

Casa De Lipe — one of the best hotels on Lipe with its private beach. It is located directly next to Sunset Beach.

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