Venice Introduces Tourism Tax: Details


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After prolonged discussions and debates, the authorities of Venice are finally implementing a fee for entry into the city on weekends and peak days, as detailed below.

Tourists will need to independently register on an online platform and purchase tickets there. The portal will be accessible from 12 GMT on January 16, 2024. Only tourists who arrive in the city without an overnight stay, the so-called day tourists, are required to pay.

After purchasing the ticket, the tourist will receive a QR code that can be checked in the city. The ticket cost is 5 euros. The stated purpose of the fee, according to the authorities, is to support the already fragile ecosystem of the city and by no means to boost the city’s treasury.

So, are people seriously attempting to curb the tourist flow with a measly 5 euros? Seriously? Well, we’ll wait for the statistics at the end of this year.

Last year, Venice barely avoided being listed in UNESCO’s dangerous list due to the harm that mass tourism inflicts on its ecosystem. Venice cannot afford to abandon tourism, as it is the primary (or very significant) source of the city’s income.

Through the additional payment, authorities aim to motivate people to spend more time in the city. At least with an overnight stay. No fee will be charged from tourists who stay overnight in the city.

Hmm, so instead of limiting the overall number of tourists in the city, authorities are encouraging tourists to stay longer. Wonderful! Of course, it’s not about the money!

This is reported by EuroNews, and here’s a quote from the Mayor of Venice: “Mayor Luigi Brunaro stated that the fee is not intended to increase additional revenue. Rather, it’s a ‘first-of-its-kind experiment’ to regulate the flow of tourists in one of the world’s most visited places.”

Venice, Italy
Venice, Italy

How, when, and how much to pay for entry into Venice?

Payment will be required for trips to Venice on weekends and other peak days from April to mid-July. In total, there are 29 paid days. The fee will be levied on day tourists and will be active during peak hours from 8:30 to 16:00.

That means tourists who come to Venice for a concert or dinner will not have to pay. Exempt from the entry fee are residents, visitors born in Venice, students, workers, and tourists who book a hotel or other accommodation.

The QR code received by the tourist upon payment on the website will be checked at 7 access control points in the city, including the main train station.

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