Extension of the Tourist Season in Antalya Due to Heat and Global Warming


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This year in Antalya, a southern province of Turkey, the tourist season has extended until November due to the heat caused by the El Niño phenomenon and global warming.

Tourists from Western Europe have been flocking here. During the first week of September alone, more than 11 million tourists arrived, and now they are aiming to reach 12 million by the end of the month. In total, Turkey has welcomed 33 million foreign tourists in the first 8 months of this year.

What’s Next After Summer?

The tourist season will continue until November 15, weather permitting. After that date, the city is expecting various events, such as meetings, sports, and other healthy activities.

Challenges of the Season in Antalya

The Turkish tourist season has faced two main challenges:

  • The reduction of the Ukrainian tourist market due to the war.
  • Price increases caused by inflation. Despite these challenges, the number of tourists still exceeds the record set in 2019. The city hopes to surpass it, especially after a growth in bookings since July.
Antalya, Turkey

Local Insights

Ismail Çağlar, the manager of a five-star hotel, mentioned that they didn’t receive as many bookings as expected in May and June. However, hotels were fully booked in August and September, and bookings are doing well for October, despite low expectations.

Emergence of New Tourists from Different Regions

Ismail Çağlar noted a significant increase in the number of tourists from other regions replacing those from countries with fewer tourists. For example, tourists from Poland and the UK have taken the place of Ukrainian tourists. Additionally, there is a noticeable rise in tourists from the Middle East.

What Else?

Currently, hotels have an occupancy rate of 70%, with some reaching up to 90%. Moreover, with the start of the new academic year, the city is now hosting elderly guests.

Source: Materials from hurriyetdailynews

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