Ukraine-Poland-Czech Republic: idea for Road Trip


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Our 10-day road trip across Europe that we planned for spring. The route is presented in its maximum form, but it can be slightly shortened if desired. It all depends on the available budget, the number of free days, and the weather. A significant part of the route runs through Western Ukraine and Poland, but since I am a person eager for experiences, I included a part of the Czech Republic that I have never fully explored, except for a couple of days in transit.

The central city around which our route is built is Wroclaw, where we plan to spend the maximum number of days. The entire route looks roughly like this:

Kyiv – Lviv – Warsaw – Wroclaw – Prague – Kutna Hora – Cesky Krumlov – Krakow – Niedzica – Krasicki – Lviv – Kyiv

The length of the route from Kyiv to Kyiv is about 3300 km, which means approximately 330 km per day, which is already on the critical line between comfort and a sporty road trip. Now, let’s take a closer look at the points of the route.


Lviv is a city you can visit at least every six months. In May, there is a rich program of various tourist events and festivals, so there will be plenty to do.


Many unfairly consider Warsaw the least attractive capital of Europe, considering how much the city suffered during World War II and what Warsaw has turned into now. The city deserves at least a one-day visit.


Wroclaw is a city famous throughout Europe for its gnomes, sculptures of which are hidden in the most unexpected places. Searching for gnomes is one of the most interesting activities in Wroclaw. Depending on the plans for the rest of the route, you can spend from 1 to 3 days here, and I think it won’t be boring.



Prague, in general, is worth a separate trip, but in our perpetually rushing world, this is unlikely to be possible, at least I haven’t been to this city yet, so you should at least take a look with one eye. Again, if the budget and time don’t allow it, Prague can be postponed for a separate trip. This city only gets better with time.

Prague-Kutna Hora-Cesky Krumlov

Kutna Hora is very close to Prague; you can pass through it with a short stop. Cesky Krumlov is a bit off the route, closer to the Austrian border. Cesky Krumlov is extremely beautiful and historic, so it made it into the route. It’s better to sacrifice something else but spend at least one day here.


Krakow needs no introduction and competes in beauty with Wroclaw. We’ve been here more than once, so we allocate a maximum of one day. In general, you can walk around Krakow for a week, and it won’t get boring, especially in the warm season.


Niedzica is a royal castle called the second Wawel, located not far from Krakow. Krasicki is a castle situated on the Peremyshl Upland. It’s picturesque enough to spend several hours there and then cross the border with Ukraine.


We pass Lviv in transit and try to reach the picturesque town of Kremenets, where we spend the next half-day. Alternatively, on the way to Kyiv, you can visit a couple of castles in the Golden Horseshoe of Lviv Region.


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